ISRAC 2 – Editorial

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While there are differences in our committee on the possible intermediate stages, we all share the belief that the final goal is the creation of a socialist revolutionary Middle East. It is within this larger framework that the national conflicts will find their solution on an internationalist basis.

Profile: Who Is Uri Avneri ‒ Haim Hanegbi

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While Avneri warns against militarization and Spartanization, he never ceases to glorify the Israeli army. While repeatedly declaring his desire for peace, he becomes a rabid chauvinist once a war breaks out. While critical of zionism he pleads loyalty to patriotism and accuses his opponents of damaging the national interest.

On the Israeli General Elections – Eli Lobel

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The "moderate" zionists merely asked for the installation of paramilitary colonies to populate the whole of the West Bank area; the Palestinians, or the majority of them, would find themselves in an encircled enclave, densely populated and entirely controlled by Israel.

David and Goliath Collaborate in Africa

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This analysis of Israel's special role in Africa in the service of US imperialism, was published in the September 1969 issue of the American left-wing monthly Leviathan. Soon after its publication the article was reprinted by ISRACA in London. In the meantime it has also been translated to Hebrew, but was then disqualified for publication in "Matzpen" by the Israeli military censorship. Eight years later, in 1977, "Matzpen" finally got the permission to publish it.

Liars ‒ Moshe Machover

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Especially hysterical is the incitement and haranguing issued by those Israeli journalists who are in the habit of wrapping themselves in a cloak of “decency” and even “progressiveness”, and who like to pretend that they are not quite happy about the Israeli establishment: Uri Avnery, Amos Kenan and Boaz Evron.

Letters to other Editors

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Suggestions for dispersing women's demonstrations with tear-gas; The problem of the Arab refugees; Like Rhodesia?; An interview with a leader of Al Fatah; Demonstrations by women in the occupied territories; Not only Jews were hung in Iraq; From Cuba to the editor of the Israel imperial News; Don't withdraw from Sinai; Democracy in Israel?

Zionism and the Palestinians ‒ Akiva Orr

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When Zionists talk of "the threat of annihilation", they do not mean "physical extermination" but mainly the denial of special rights to Jews in Palestine. Zionists will only accept the principle of "one person ‒ one vote" as long as Jews are in the majority.

Israeli Press Opinion: Israeli Jews Support El-Fatah by Yeshayahu Ben Porat

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The Yediot Aharonot journalist draws a line between the Israeli communists and the members of Matzpen who "smear the walls of houses in Jerusalem with slogans like 'Down with the occupation', demand the abolition of Zionism and the Jewish State as such, and like El-Fatah raise the slogan of a State that will accomodate both Jews and Arabs".

Israeli Press Opinion: Our Responsibility towards the Jews in the Arab Countries by Uri Harari

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In our great enthusiasm at the achievements of Israel's independence and sovereignty we sometimes forget Zionism's negative aspect – it's cruel world outlook. In our ardour for Zionism, we ignore the effect of Zionist practice and Zionist ideology on the life and position of Jews who do not want to be Zionists.

ISRACA Information Bulletin (April 1969) – Table of Contents

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On Terrorism and on Hangings \ The Struggle of the Ashdod Port Workers \ Two Attacks against the Teachers’ Strikes \ The New Israeli Budget \ An Anthology from the Israeli Press \ A Jewish-Arab Demonstration against the Occupation \ German-Israeli Reactionary Alliance \ Maki as Informers for the Police \ An Israeli View of the Anti-Zionist Left \ Statement to the Swiss People by the P.F.L.P. \ The Palestine Committees

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