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Aviva Ein-Gil: Matzpen Was an Excellent School ‒ Interviewed by Eran Torbiner

2020-12-28T04:32:58+02:00June 22, 2017|Categories: Video|Tags: , |

Hebrew with English subtitles: Life in this region requires mutuality. What happened here in 2011, I totally relate it to the awakening in the Arab world and the hope that something would change there, that there'd be democracy, openness. Here on Rothschild Blvd. there was a place called Tahrir Square. A success in the Arab world would’ve had a direct effect here.

Hebrew self-determination – Moshé Machover

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Accession of the Hebrew nation to a future socialist federation of the Arab East can only be voluntary. Moreover, it would be a grave error on the part of socialists to condone, let alone advocate, attempts at a forcible accession. But this means that Hebrew accession to the federation would occur by exercising self-determination.

Compass Pointer

2021-06-27T12:07:15+03:00January 6, 1991|Categories: Documents|

Who was Anthony Compass, who wrote a letter to a local newspaper in Cornwall, and what could be his connection to the Socialist Organization in Israel — Matzpen?

Jordan’s Road to “Democracy” ‒ by Akram Kand and Jayne Peters

2018-02-10T11:42:09+02:00August 10, 1990|Categories: Articles, Khamsin Bulletin 9, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: , |

With the worsening economic situation in Jordan, the population is being and will be pushed into one of two camps: Islamic fundamentalism or socialism. So far, Islamic fundamentalism is the more popular of the two. Such is the traditional stronghold of Islam in Jordan, that without even questioning the viability of this solution, people blindly accept the so-called Word of Islam.

For a Democratic, Secular State of Palestine; a Reply to Moshe Machover ‒ by Tony Greenstein

2021-05-31T13:59:20+03:00August 10, 1990|Categories: Articles, Khamsin Bulletin 9, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: |

The fact that Zionism continues to posit the Hebrew speaking Jewish people of Israel as part of a world Jewish nation testifies to the unique nature of both the Zionist project and the essentially artificial nature of Israeli nationhood. Politically and economically the basis of Israeli nationalism is the sponsorship by imperialism and the consequent attempts by Israel to dominate and subjugate the Palestinian people within and the Arab peoples without. This is the material basis of Israeli Jewish nationalism.

Iran after Khomeini ‒ by Maryam Poya

2019-08-24T15:24:40+03:00February 10, 1990|Categories: Khamsin Bulletin 8, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: |

Revolutionary or progressive ideas cannot be derived from dogmas that claim divine origin and include so many reactionary and oppressive tenets, not least those concerning women. Religious ideology is therefore a false consciousness, which mystifies the potential revolu­tionary consciousness of the oppressed and has often provided a cover for the manoeuvres of the ruling classes.

Holding the Green Line: Israeli Ecological Imperialism ‒ by Les Levidow

2020-01-17T11:07:46+02:00February 10, 1990|Categories: Articles, Khamsin Bulletin 8, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: |

In 1982 the West Bank's entire hydrological system was integrated into the Israeli national water company Mekorot. A suppressed report, prepared a few years ago, saw this integration of water systems as an obstacle to Palestinian independence: "It may thus become practically and politically impossible to sever the water administration of the Occupied Territories from those of Israel".

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