Israeli Press Opinion: Our Responsibility towards the Jews in the Arab Countries by Uri Harari

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In our great enthusiasm at the achievements of Israel's independence and sovereignty we sometimes forget Zionism's negative aspect – it's cruel world outlook. In our ardour for Zionism, we ignore the effect of Zionist practice and Zionist ideology on the life and position of Jews who do not want to be Zionists.

ISRACA Information Bulletin (April 1969) – Table of Contents

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On Terrorism and on Hangings \ The Struggle of the Ashdod Port Workers \ Two Attacks against the Teachers’ Strikes \ The New Israeli Budget \ An Anthology from the Israeli Press \ A Jewish-Arab Demonstration against the Occupation \ German-Israeli Reactionary Alliance \ Maki as Informers for the Police \ An Israeli View of the Anti-Zionist Left \ Statement to the Swiss People by the P.F.L.P. \ The Palestine Committees

Maki as Informers for the Tel Aviv Police

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Esther Vilenska, members of the Central Committee of Maki, instructed the party's members to move away from Matzpen's demonstrators so that the public and the US Embassy officials would not confuse their polite slogans with our impudent ones.

Resurrection of the Dead ‒ Moshe Machover

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The debate taking place in Israel about the future of the Occupied Territories concerns inevitably the nature of Israel and the Zionist claim that the Jews have a “right” over the Palestinian territory. Thus the most fundamental principles of Zionism are back on the agenda.

New Premises for a False Conclusion ‒ Moshe Machover

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The choice is between an Israeli and Middle Eastern State of Israel, aiming to integrate in its environment — and a Zionist state, a foreign body in this region, a state that is subordinated to the Jewish communities around the world and to the global “power centers” where most Jews are located.

The Social Identity of Ha’olam Hazeh — Moshe Machover

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Hebrew nationalism is indeed opposed to Zionism; but it is incapable of confronting Zionism thoroughly and repudiating it radically, root and branch. For the Hebrew nation has come into being as a result of the Zionist colonization of Palestine, and therefore the nationalist outlook, for which this nation is an absolute and supreme value, cannot radically repudiate Zionism, its progenitor. Hebrew nationalism can only claim that Zionism is outdated, no longer suited to present conditions, and Hebrew nationalism ought to be embraced in its place.

Why the Kurds Should Be Supported ‒ by A. Sa’id (Jabra Nicola)

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Recognising the right to self-determination of the Kurdish people and establishing an independent Kurdish state would not in any way be detrimental to the Arab liberation movement; on the contrary, an independent Kurdish state in Iraqi Kurdistan could become a centre and lever for the entire Kurdish national movement in Iran and Turkey.

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