Toby Shelley

The Political Economy of the West Bank 1967-1987 ‒ A Book Review by Toby Shelley

November 10, 1989

“The Political Economy of the West Bank” not only develops and stimulates a number of important debates, it also constitutes a useful compilation of data, rendering it a valuable read for those concerned with the Palestine of today and the Palestine of tomorrow.

The Struggle in Western Sahara ‒ By Alain Hertzmann

November 10, 1988

The struggle for independence is foremost in the mind of the Polisario. The declared intention of the Polisario is the setting up of an independent, secular, republic, with a multi-party system, where religion is a private matter, and where the status of women will be equal to that of men.

Voice of the Uprising ‒ Toby Shelley

June 10, 1988

Survey of communiques issued by the leadership of the Palestinian uprising [intifada]: from the degree of popular adherence to the urgings and appeals contained in these documents, it is clear that they are the authentic voice of the masses. Their power, and that of their authors, lies not only in their ability to speak in the name of the PLO and (latterly) to reiterate its positions, but ‒ more crucially ‒ in their intimate connection with the stone-thrower and the striker, a connection embodied in the local Popular Committees.