Why Israel is a Racist State ‒ Moshé Machover

October 24, 2018

Israel’s racism is rooted in its nature as a settler state. Uprooting colonialist racism requires a change of regime, decolonisation – which in the case of Israel means de-Zionisation.

Why Israel is a Racist State ‒ Moshé Machover [PDF]

October 24, 2018

[Download the PDF file – IsraelRacism – machover 2018]  

Hebrew self-determination – Moshé Machover

January 12, 2017

Accession of the Hebrew nation to a future socialist federation of the Arab East can only be voluntary. Moreover, it would be a grave error on the part of socialists to condone, let alone advocate, attempts at a forcible accession. But this means that Hebrew accession to the federation would occur by exercising self-determination.

In memoriam: Akiva “Aki” Orr – Moshe Macover

March 10, 2013

Obituary: AKIVA “AKI” Orr was a revolutionary activist and writer, founding member of the Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen), an enchanting raconteur, and a unique, larger-than-life character

Akiva Orr: A working-class hero – Tikva Honig-Parnass

March 10, 2013

Obituary: my close personal and political connection with Akiva Orr and his family began in 1959 when Aki was still a member of Maki.

Collective Decision-Making and Supervision in a Communist Society – Moshe Machover

October 10, 2009

This article brings together my commitment to communism and my scientific work in the theory of social choice, particularly the measurement of voting power.

Israel: A Zionist State – Aki Orr

July 29, 2009

The Zionist movement and its State – ISRAEL, do not represent the Jewish people. They never did. They represent a particular trend within the Jewish people, namely – the nationalist trend.

Resolution of The Israeli–Palestinian conflict: A socialist viewpoint – Moshé Machover

February 10, 2009

…socialists often forego an independent critical socialist viewpoint and are content to tail behind this or that brand of radical nationalism. Independent positions such as those advocated in the present article, which were formerly held and defended by significant sections of the revolutionary left, have been abandoned or simply forgotten. They need to be reaffirmed.

Zionism and Oriental Jews: Dialectic of Exploitation and Co-Optation

July 10, 2008

by Ehud Ein-Gil and Moshe Machover, July 2008

Israelis and Palestinians: Conflict and Resolution – Moshé Machover

November 30, 2006

How should we think about the Israeli–Palestinian conflict? Please note: “how” comes before “what”. Before coming to any substantive conclusions – certainly before taking sides – we must be clear as to how the issue ought to be approached.

Panta Rhei: Exchange of email letters – Dov Schoss and Moshé Machover

September 10, 2006

Exchange of email letters, Dov Schoss and Moshé Machover, following Machover’s article “The 20th century in retrospect”

Following Matzpen – Eran Torbiner

April 9, 2004

In 1997, after years of stories and newspaper items, I decided, as a student at Tel Aviv University, to write a seminar on Matzpen.

The 20th century in retrospect – Moshé Machover

December 10, 1999

Published in Platform, Workers’ Liberty #59 (December 1999).

Jordan’s Road to “Democracy” ‒ by Akram Kand and Jayne Peters

August 10, 1990

With the worsening economic situation in Jordan, the population is being and will be pushed into one of two camps: Islamic fundamentalism or socialism. So far, Islamic fundamentalism is the more popular of the two. Such is the traditional stronghold of Islam in Jordan, that without even questioning the viability of this solution, people blindly accept the so-called Word of Islam.

For a Democratic, Secular State of Palestine; a Reply to Moshe Machover ‒ by Tony Greenstein

August 10, 1990

The fact that Zionism continues to posit the Hebrew speaking Jewish people of Israel as part of a world Jewish nation testifies to the unique nature of both the Zionist project and the essentially artificial nature of Israeli nationhood. Politically and economically the basis of Israeli nationalism is the sponsorship by imperialism and the consequent attempts by Israel to dominate and subjugate the Palestinian people within and the Arab peoples without. This is the material basis of Israeli Jewish nationalism.

Holding the Green Line: Israeli Ecological Imperialism ‒ by Les Levidow

February 10, 1990

In 1982 the West Bank’s entire hydrological system was integrated into the Israeli national water company Mekorot. A suppressed report, prepared a few years ago, saw this integration of water systems as an obstacle to Palestinian independence: “It may thus become practically and politically impossible to sever the water administration of the Occupied Territories from those of Israel”.

From Family Dispersal to Family Reunion: How Suffering Reproduces Itself

November 10, 1989

Eight young women had been arrested that night and deported to ‘Amman the following morning. Eight women, representing eight families in a village of 60 families. A great suffering for the women, for their men and children and for many of their relatives.

An Israeli Opponent of the “Peace Camp” Replies to ‘Ali J ‒ by Israel Shahak

November 10, 1989

The policies of the great majority of the Israeli-Jewish society are influenced neither by Palestinian restraint nor by lack of it, but by Palestinian force, by the Palestinians’ effectiveness in causing harm to Israel ‒ be it military or financial, through other coun­tries such as the USA.

Iran after the War ‒ by Maryam Poya

November 10, 1989

The left and other secularists failed to mount a serious challenge to Islamization. The acceptance of Islam by the bulk of the population does not signify cal­lous indifference to the slaughter of individual leftists; rather, it is an expression of despair. The population feels powerless.

The Political Economy of the West Bank 1967-1987 ‒ A Book Review by Toby Shelley

November 10, 1989

“The Political Economy of the West Bank” not only develops and stimulates a number of important debates, it also constitutes a useful compilation of data, rendering it a valuable read for those concerned with the Palestine of today and the Palestine of tomorrow.

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