March 1970

ISRAC 2 – Contents

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News from the Fatherland \ Profile: A Democratic State (Israel) \ Profile: Who is Uri Avneri? \ The Scandal in Gush Etzion \ Against the Zionist Left \ Middle East Documents \ Bertrand Russell's Last Message \ Letters to Other Editors \ Zionist Definition of Jewish Nationality \ Sch'mah Israel - a poem by Erich Fried.

ISRAC 2 – Editorial

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While there are differences in our committee on the possible intermediate stages, we all share the belief that the final goal is the creation of a socialist revolutionary Middle East. It is within this larger framework that the national conflicts will find their solution on an internationalist basis.

News from the Fatherland

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PM Meir's letter questioned; Arab students in the Hebrew University protest the expulsion of the student Muhamad Sadiq and the arrest of Darwish Qashu'a; By-products of a "liberal" occupation; Israeli Censorship bid to liquidate Matzpen.

News from the Colonies

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"Whilst polls in West Jerusalem were nearly empty, the one on the border of East Jerusalem was crowded with hundreds of Arabs pushing, shoving and begging to vote. Buses packed with Arabs, decorated with the slogan 'We want Teddy Kolleck' were flocking in continuously".

Profile: Who Is Uri Avneri ‒ Haim Hanegbi

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While Avneri warns against militarization and Spartanization, he never ceases to glorify the Israeli army. While repeatedly declaring his desire for peace, he becomes a rabid chauvinist once a war breaks out. While critical of zionism he pleads loyalty to patriotism and accuses his opponents of damaging the national interest.

Middle East Documents

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Joseph Weitz Diary; World Zionist Organization; Zionism – or anti-Semitism? ; Declaration by Eli Lobel following an attack by Zionist thugs against Israca members, Paris, Dec. 9, 1969; To the Participants in the International Conference of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists, Israel, August 1969; Towards a Democratic Solution to the Palestine Problem (Draft resolution presented by the DPFLP, September 1969)

Bertrand Russell’s last message

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The Palestinian refugees have every right to the homeland from which they were driven, and the denial of this right is at the heart of the continuing conflict. A permanent just settlement of the refugees in their homeland is an essential ingredient of any genuine settlement in the Middle East.

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