Israeli Revolutionary Action Committee Abroad (ISRACA)

Information Bulletin, April 1969

ISRACA Information Bulletin (April 1969) – Table of Contents

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On Terrorism and on Hangings \ The Struggle of the Ashdod Port Workers \ Two Attacks against the Teachers’ Strikes \ The New Israeli Budget \ An Anthology from the Israeli Press \ A Jewish-Arab Demonstration against the Occupation \ German-Israeli Reactionary Alliance \ Maki as Informers for the Police \ An Israeli View of the Anti-Zionist Left \ Statement to the Swiss People by the P.F.L.P. \ The Palestine Committees

German-Israeli Reactionary Alliance

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The Jerusalem Post reported: The ceremony took place in a slightly charged atmosphere generated by a rather bedraggled demonstration of 22 young persons, including seven German students and members of Matzpen, Israel's Guevaraist group.

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