Ehud Ein-Gil

Zionism and Oriental Jews: Dialectic of Exploitation and Co-Optation

July 10, 2008

by Ehud Ein-Gil and Moshe Machover, July 2008

Left Without Arabs – Ehud ‘Ein-Gil

June 10, 1989

In this article, published in place of an editorial in the first issue of Meha’ah (see Introduction to the previous item), the writer, member of the radical and anti-Zionist Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen) polemicizes against an article by Ari Shavit in the left-Zionist journal Politika (Politics).

Religion, zionism and secularism – Ehud Ein-Gil

July 10, 1981

The political contradiction between zionism and secularism is the basic reason for the power of religion and its influence on the minds of most Israeli Jews; it is also one reason why the Secular Movement cannot become a mass movement.

Why did They Liquidate Salmin? – Ehud Ein-Gil

July 10, 1981

Bedouin Socialism with a Human Face.

Changes in Palestinian society – Ehud Ein Gil and Aryeh Finkelstein

October 10, 1978

A look at the changes in Palestinian society since the beginning of zionist expansion in the region and its affect on the position of women.