Ehud Ein-Gil: My Political Journey to Matzpen ‒ Interviewed by Eran Torbiner

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Hebrew with English subtitles: Childhood in Upper Nazareth (1957‒1962), activity for "holding on to the [occupied] territories" after the June '67 war, gradual disillusionment during the military service on the Suez front in the War of Attrition, arrest during the 1 May 1972 demonstration of the Black Panthers and the Left in Jerusalem, and from there it was already a short road to Matzpen

Left Without Arabs – Ehud ‘Ein-Gil

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In this article, published in place of an editorial in the first issue of Meha'ah (see Introduction to the previous item), the writer, member of the radical and anti-Zionist Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen) polemicizes against an article by Ari Shavit in the left-Zionist journal Politika (Politics).

A Minority’s Fate – Ehud Ein-Gil

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The peasants of Sheikh Brak, survivors of the Armenian genocide, suffer in Israel a similar fate to that of the Palestinian Arabs. (An English translation of a report that was published in Matzpen no. 84, April 1978).

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