Khamsin no.12 (1986): The Gulf War

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  • Editorial
  • SYMPOSIUM ON THE GULF WAR – Organized by The Committee for the Defence of the Democratic Rights of the Iranian People, New York, 8 September 1984
    • Introductory statement
    • The Gulf War as extinction of politics – Muhammad Ja’far
    • Oil, arms and the Gulf War – Joe Stork
    • Iranian intellectuals and dependency theory – M. Arman
    • The war and the Islamic state apparatus in Iran – Ali Ashtiani
    • International dimension of the war – R. Keivan
    • War of the rentier states – Eqbal Ahmad
  • Arab nationalism. The Palestinian struggle and an economic scenario for a potential Arab unity -‘Adel Samara
  • Iran’s incomprehensible revolution – Azar Tabari
  • A history of modern Iran – Azar Tabari
  • Footnote to the debate on Jewish racism – Moshé Machover
  • Trade unions under occupation – ‘Adel Samara
  • The tortured dilemma – Haim Bresheeth