In the spring and summer of 1970, Arie Bober (died 2003), then member of Matzpen, made a speaking tour of the US, sponsored by the Committee on New Alternatives in the Middle East (CONAME). Among the sponsors of CONAME were Arthur Miller, Noam Chomsky and Pete Seeger; its main activists included Berta Green Langston, Robert Langston and Emmanuel Dror Farjoun (a member of Matzpen doing post-graduate work at the MIT).

In connection with this tour, the Langstons arranged with the publisher Doubleday & Co for the publication of a book, entitled The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism, to be edited by Bober (Doubleday Anchor Original ISBN 0-385-01467-8).

The book — consisting entirely of Matzpen material — came out in 1972. Bober signed the contract with Doubleday and his name appears as the nominal editor. The actual editing work was done by Emmanuel Dror Farjoun with the help of Robert Langstone.

Preface & Acknowledgements


Israel in a Historical Perspective

1. The Palestine Problem
2. Israel and Imperialism
3. Military Escalation Within Israeli Society
4. From Generation to Generation – The Origins of the 1967 War

The Nature of Israel

5. The Class Character of Israeli Society
6. The Left in Israel
7. The Histadrut: Union and Boss
8. The Emergency Regulations

A Critique of Zionist Ideology

9. Borochovism
10. Zionism and Universal Ethics
11. Zionism and Anti-Semitism
12. The Case for Hebrew Self-Determination
13. The Zionist Left and the Palestinian Resistance (עברית)