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While Khamsin books will continue to provide thofough and analytical articles, we now intend to produce a parallel forum for discussion and debate, which will be circulated amongst all those who wish to take part in it.

Arabs, Jews and Racists

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What is racial discrimination? What ss racial reparation (apartheid)? Is Racial discrimination practiced in Israel? Does the State of Israel also practice a policy of racial separation? What additional types of racism are endemic in Israel? Is Zionism a form of racism? Kahane is the true Jewish nazi; what then is Kahanism? Is racism at the root of the Arab-Israeli dispute? What is national oppression? Why does Israel combine racial discrimination with national oppression?


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The Iran-Iraq war is the bloodiest and most brutal of all armed conflicts between minor powers since the second world war.

Arab Nationalism, the Palestinian Struggle and an Economic Scenario for a Potential Arab Unity – ‘Adel Samara

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The bourgeois Arab nationalism failed to achieve its avowed aims: economic independence and the liberation of occupied Arab territory. Despite its failures, the Arab bourgeoisie still holds power throughout the Arab homeland, and has intentionally amplified the unevenness of economic development between the Arab countries.


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A group of leftist Turkish intellectuals and activists agreed to impart to us in Khamsin some of their knowledge concerning their country. At our request, they later agreed to put together this special issue of Khamsin, wholly devoted to Turkey.

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