The Zionist State and Jewish Identity, January 1973

Generations and Cultures in Israel – by Akiva Orr

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The enormous apparatus of Israeli propaganda amongst Jews throughout the world now pushes the line that identification with the 'Jewish State' is the new meaning of 'Jewishness'. Since the emerging Israeli Identity has more in common with other settlers' states than with Jews, anyone who bases his identity on identification with Israel must uphold the principle of discrimination by nationality, and the placing of nationalistic morality above universal morality.

The Identity of an Oriental Jew – by Suzy Barry

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I was given the opportunity to learn that the only desirable culture was a European one, I was even persuaded at times to feel a first-class citizen, by being sent to lecture to other second-class citizens on their great fortune in helping to entrench the position of the establishment, and in creating a third-class citizenry from among the Arabs living in the country.

Russian Jews, Black Jews and Non-Jewish Jews – by A. Hoder (Eli Lobel)

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The whole immigration policy of Israel is discriminatory. Besides the fact that non-Jews (particularly Palestinians born in the country) have great difficulty in securing permanent residence in Israel and even more in becoming citizens, but ethnic discrimination is exercised against Jews too, according to their countries of origin.

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