Khamsin no.13 (1987): Women in the Middle East

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  • A Palestinian Woman in Prison – Laila al-Hamdani
  • The Jewish Collectivity and national reproduction in Israel – Nira Yuval-Davis
  • Feminism in Israel: A Common Struggle? – Debbie Lerman

Women in the Middle East: Introduction

July 10, 1987

Khamsin 1987: Woman in the Middle East – Introdution

The Arab Woman: A Threatening Body, A Captive Being – Magida Salman

July 10, 1987

Notwithstanding her condition, the Arab woman shares with her sisters a common fate: a life of renunciation, of captivity, in a hyper-male society.

Women’s Participation in Radical Egyptian Politics 1939–1952 – Salma Botman

July 10, 1987

It was World War II and its consequences that prompted leftist and feminist-minded women to become increasingly articulate about the problems affecting women in Egypt.

Palestinian Women and the National Liberation Movement : A Social Perspective – Hamida Kazi

July 10, 1987

Palestinian women are conscious of the dialectical nature of their struggle: both the political struggle for national libera­tion and the need to bring social change within the society.