Akiva Orr
1931 – 2013

Israel: A Zionist State – Aki Orr

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The Zionist movement and its State – ISRAEL, do not represent the Jewish people. They never did. They represent a particular trend within the Jewish people, namely – the nationalist trend.

The Day of the Land – Akiva Orr

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On March 30, 1976, the Palestinian Arabs who have been citizens of Israel since 1948 held a general strike to protest against the most recent expropriations of their lands by the government. The Israeli army and police, in full battle gear attacked a number of Arab villages in Israel: six people were shot dead, 69 were badly wounded, 260 were arrested.

Generations and Cultures in Israel – by Akiva Orr

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The enormous apparatus of Israeli propaganda amongst Jews throughout the world now pushes the line that identification with the 'Jewish State' is the new meaning of 'Jewishness'. Since the emerging Israeli Identity has more in common with other settlers' states than with Jews, anyone who bases his identity on identification with Israel must uphold the principle of discrimination by nationality, and the placing of nationalistic morality above universal morality.

La nature de classe de la société israélienne – A. Orr et M. Machover [Akiva Orr et Moshé Machover]

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Une société d'immigrants \ Une société de colons \ La diversité ethnique \ Une société privilégiée : l'afflux de capitaux \ La répartition des fonds étrangers \ L'Etat d'Israël et l'impérialisme \ Quelle est la classe dirigeante ? \ Les partis sionistes de droite \ Les dilemmes de la gauche sioniste \ La gauche non sioniste \

ISRAC 1 – Editorial

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The historically complex conflict in the Middle East is not a clash between Jews and Arabs as such, as the nationalists claim, but a clash between Zionist colonization, which is, and always has been, an ally of imperialism, and the indigenous population of Palestine.

Letters to other Editors

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Suggestions for dispersing women's demonstrations with tear-gas; The problem of the Arab refugees; Like Rhodesia?; An interview with a leader of Al Fatah; Demonstrations by women in the occupied territories; Not only Jews were hung in Iraq; From Cuba to the editor of the Israel imperial News; Don't withdraw from Sinai; Democracy in Israel?

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