Khamsin 7

Khamsin no.7 (1979): Communist Parties in the Middle East

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  • The early history of Lebanese Communism reconsidered – Alexander Flores
  • The Arab CPs and the Palestine Problem – Alexander Flores
  • Recent studies on the history of the PCP – Alexander Flores
  • Revolution in Iran: was it possible in 1921? – Fred Halliday
  • Selected bibliography in the history of the CPs in the Arab East
  • The Arab ruling classes in the 1970s – Mohammad Ja’far
  • Zionism, demography and women’s work – Avishai Ehrlich
  • Review: Sociology of the Palestinians in Israel – Nira Yuval Davis
  • Discussion Forum:Reaching beyond Palestinian Nationalism – Reply to Salim Tamari – Mohammad Ja’far

Eli Lobel

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Khamsin is bereaved. Eli Lobel, editor and founder of our journal, has died tragically on Thursday, October 4th 1979. The life-story of this outstanding revolutionary socialist and great internationalist is, in more than one way, the story of a whole generation, the tragedies and noble struggles of a whole epoch.