Khamsin no.7 (1979): Communist Parties in the Middle East

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  • The early history of Lebanese Communism reconsidered – Alexander Flores
  • The Arab CPs and the Palestine Problem – Alexander Flores
  • Revolution in Iran: was it possible in 1921? – Fred Halliday
  • Selected bibliography in the history of the CPs in the Arab East
  • The Arab ruling classes in the 1970s – Mohammad Ja’far
  • Zionism, demography and women’s work – Avishai Ehrlich

Eli Lobel

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Khamsin is bereaved. Eli Lobel, editor and founder of our journal, has died tragically on Thursday, October 4th 1979. The life-story of this outstanding revolutionary socialist and great internationalist is, in more than one way, the story of a whole generation, the tragedies and noble struggles of a whole epoch.

Reaching beyond Palestinian Nationalism: Reply to Salim Tamari ‒ Mohammad Ja’far [Kanan Makiya]

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Discussion Forum: It is completely illusory to imagine that a viable advanced economic and social order can be established in Palestine, capable of increasing qualitatively the material, cultural and social welfare of the Palestinian masses, without the active participation of the Jewish proletariat.