Khamsin no.14 (1989): Palestine – Profile of an Occupation

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  • Introduction
  • The Political Economy of the West Bank 1967-1987: From Peripheralization to Development – Adel Samara
  • Palestinian Migrant Workers in Israel from Repression to Rebellion – Toby Shelley
  • Colonial Law and Ideology, Israel and the Occupied Territories – Ben Cashdan
  • Demography and Settler Politics in the Old City of Jerusalem – Richard Thomas
  • The Twenty-First Year: New Ideas – Ehud‘Ein-Gil
  • Self and Other in Zionism: Palestine and Israel in Recent Hebrew Literature – Haim Bresheeth
  • Palestinian Women: Triple Burden, Single Struggle – Rosemary Sayigh
  • Palestinian Women in the Occupied Territories – An interview with Laila al-Hamdani