Khamsin no.10 (1983): Israel and its war in Lebanon

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Pax Hebraica – Emmanuel Farjoun

July 10, 1983

In the minds of Begin and Sharon the Lebanon war is an opening move in the one-front strategy. The aim of this strategy is to build around a greater Israel a zone of direct Israel presence and influence. A zone of pax Hebraica.

The Lebanese communities and their little wars – Magida Salman

July 10, 1983

Will the election of Arnin Gemayel as president of ‘all of Lebanon’ finally put an end to the ghastly pageant of civil war in that country? Many Lebanese hope so, but their desires are as mangled and bewildering as were their heroes of yesterday – or their martyrs

Letter from the West Bank on the war in Lebanon – ‘Adil Samara

July 10, 1983

The PLO, with all its political currents, is facing its historical problem today: adopting a policy under the circumstances of defeat in Lebanon and subjection to the influences of the Arab regimes.

Book review: Israel in Lebanon – Daniel Machover

July 10, 1983

Seán MacBride et aI, Israel in Lebanon, Report of the International Commission to enquire into reported violations of International Law by Israel during its invasion of the Lebanon, Ithaca Press, London, 1983.

Book review: Beirut, Frontline Story – Daniel Machover

July 10, 1983

Selim Nassib with Caroline Tisdall, Beirut: Frontline Story, Pluto Press, London, 1983.

Class divisions in Israeli society – Emmanuel Farjoun

July 10, 1983

The political allegiance of Israel’s Oriental Jews to the Likkud, and their rejection of Labour, are firmly rooted in the history and class structure of Israeli society.

The Oriental Support for Begin – Avishai Ehrlich

July 10, 1983

A critique of Farjoun’s Class divisions in Israeli society.

Observations in Gaza – S. Ur

July 10, 1983

The tales of repression and resistance we were told that evening, as well as the accounts and testimonies we were to hear during the next few days, are hardly known outside the Strip. ‘There is no Hilton Hotel in this town,’ remarked a Gazan friend, ‘and journalists hate discomfort. They never stay here longer than a couple of hours.’

The rise of Islam: What did happen to women? – Azar Tabari

July 10, 1983

This article was written several years ago, as a discussion paper… I believe that some of what it contains may still serve as a starting point for further discussion and clarification.