Compass Pointer

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Who was Anthony Compass, who wrote a letter to a local newspaper in Cornwall, and what could be his connection to the Socialist Organization in Israel — Matzpen?

Israel and the freedom to migrate

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This declaration was sent by Matzpen to the “Moscow News” weekly, to be published as a paid advertisement. The organization has received no reply from the Soviet newspaper.

Women Against Fundamentalism

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Women Against Fundamentalism was launched on May 6th 1989, as a network to challenge the rise of fundamentalism in all religions. Women's groups involved in this campaign include Southall Black Sisters, Brent Asian Women's Refuge and the Iranian Women's Organization in Britain.

Letter from a Palestinian to the Israeli “Peace Camp” – ‘Ali J

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The following letter was written by a Palestinian leftist activist in the West Bank. It was published (in Hebrew) in December 1988 in issue #1 of Meha'ah (Protest), organ of a coalition of some of the more radical Israeli anti-­occupation protest groups. The letter is directed to the less radical – and wholly Zionist – 'peace camp', including the Peace Now movement

A solidarity visit to Dahariyah

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The following report was sent to us by Professor I Shahak, Chairman of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights. It was written by an Israeli who visited the Dahariyah prison compound; he managed to get in by mingling with the members of a Palestinian prisoner's family. Since this is against the rules, his name is withheld.

The Middle East at the Crossroads – by Abu Sa’id and Moshé Machover

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This is a re-print of an article that was originally published in September 1969. "The formula that restricts the struggle to Palestine alone, despite its revolutionary appearance, derives from a reformist attitude which seeks partial solutions within the framework of conditions now existing in the region. In fact, partial solutions can only be implemented through a compromise with imperialism and Zionism".

Arabs, Jews and Racists

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What is racial discrimination? What ss racial reparation (apartheid)? Is Racial discrimination practiced in Israel? Does the State of Israel also practice a policy of racial separation? What additional types of racism are endemic in Israel? Is Zionism a form of racism? Kahane is the true Jewish nazi; what then is Kahanism? Is racism at the root of the Arab-Israeli dispute? What is national oppression? Why does Israel combine racial discrimination with national oppression?

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