Matzpen endorses the call of Palestinian BDS

July 9, 2005

Matzpen endorses the call of Palestinian Civil Society for Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel.

Israel and the Freedom of Migration

August 10, 1990

During all those years when Israel demanded of the Soviet Union to allow Jews to emigrate from there to Israel, all Israeli governments consistently denied the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.

Israel and the freedom to migrate

April 10, 1990

This declaration was sent by Matzpen to the “Moscow News” weekly, to be published as a paid advertisement. The organization has received no reply from the Soviet newspaper.

Women Against Fundamentalism

November 10, 1989

Women Against Fundamentalism was launched on May 6th 1989, as a network to challenge the rise of fundamentalism in all religions. Women’s groups involved in this campaign include Southall Black Sisters, Brent Asian Women’s Refuge and the Iranian Women’s Organization in Britain.

Letter from a Palestinian to the Israeli “Peace Camp” – ‘Ali J

June 10, 1989

The following letter was written by a Palestinian leftist activist in the West Bank. It was published (in Hebrew) in December 1988 in issue #1 of Meha’ah (Protest), organ of a coalition of some of the more radical Israeli anti-­occupation protest groups. The letter is directed to the less radical – and wholly Zionist – ‘peace camp’, including the Peace Now movement

A solidarity visit to Dahariyah

June 10, 1989

The following report was sent to us by Professor I Shahak, Chairman of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights. It was written by an Israeli who visited the Dahariyah prison compound; he managed to get in by mingling with the members of a Palestinian prisoner’s family. Since this is against the rules, his name is withheld.

Plato banned in bastion of democracy

June 10, 1989

According to the Jerusalem Post of 7th May, very few books are allowed Into Qezi’ot. Among books that have been banned are not only tracts on Marxism and a biography of George Orwell, but also the Dialogues of Plato.

The Middle East at the Crossroads – by Abu Sa’id and Moshé Machover

January 10, 1989

This is a re-print of an article that was originally published in September 1969. “The formula that restricts the struggle to Palestine alone, despite its revolutionary appearance, derives from a reformist attitude which seeks partial solutions within the framework of conditions now existing in the region. In fact, partial solutions can only be implemented through a compromise with imperialism and Zionism”.

In Defence of Children under Occupation

November 10, 1988

The cases of four Palestinian children, aged 6 to 9, who were arrested by the Israeli army in the occupied West Bank.

To Live Together ‒ a Dialogue between Said Hammami and Moshé Machover

October 1, 1984

Whatever may be said about Hammami’s political views on particular points, there is no denying the non-sectarianism of his attitude to the Israeli Jewish population: he recognizes that they constitute a nationality just as much as the Palestinian Arabs, and that they, too, are entitled to national right in Palestine. To hear a Palestinian spokesman say this was not necessarily congenial to fanatics on both sides.

Right of return to the survivors!

November 2, 1982

The Palestinian refugees in the Sabra, Shatila and Ain al-Hilweh camps, survivors of the massacre and bombings are being robbed of their right of return and rehabilitation in their homeland.

X… – Matzpen picket, Tel Aviv, August 1980

August 21, 1980

A Matzpen picket in front of the Labour Party’s center in Tel Aviv, protesting against the legislation prohibiting any expression of support to the PLO, August 1980.

Oriental Jewry: Annotated bibliography – Avishai Ehrlich

July 10, 1978

During the last decade a plethora of books devoted to the subject of Oriental Jewry has been published in Israel or by Israeli authors. The following list, compiled and annotated by Avishai Ehrlich, is only par­tial.

Public statement on Sadat’s visit

July 10, 1978

published on 19 November 1977 by the Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen), jointly with Harakat Abna’ al-Balad (Sons of the Village Movement), The Revolutionary Communist League, and the editorial board of Key. Issued in Umm al-Fahm, Israel.

On the Sadat spectacle – Thus only!

July 10, 1978

Declaration of the Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen), Published as an advertisement in Ha’aretz, 27 December 1977.

Hussein, Rabin, Assad S.A.R.L ‒ Editorial de «Matzpen»

June 30, 1977

Nous disons donc que ni l’unité arabe ni la libération nationale palestinienne ne se réalisera concrètement et complètement sans la lutte des classes exploitées contre les classes exploiteuses. En d’autres termes pas de libération nationale sans libération sociale.

La quatrième de couverture

June 30, 1977

Témoignage d’un agent de police qui a participé au massacre, en Galilée

June 30, 1976

L’agent de police a demandé de ne pas révéler son identité.

1. Vivre ensemble : Entretien entre Saïd Hammami et Moshé Machover

June 30, 1976

Entretien entre Saïd Hammami, représentant de l’Organisation de la libération de la Palestine (O.L.P.) à Londres, et Moshé Machover, de l’Organisation socialiste israélienne (Matzpen).

Appel a la conscience israelienne — par les habitants des villages de Sakhnin, Arraba, Deir Hannah et Arab el-Sawad

February 26, 1976

Publicité parue dans « Haàretz », 26 février 1976.

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