Aviva Ein-Gil: Matzpen Was an Excellent School ‒ Interviewed by Eran Torbiner

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Hebrew with English subtitles: Life in this region requires mutuality. What happened here in 2011, I totally relate it to the awakening in the Arab world and the hope that something would change there, that there'd be democracy, openness. Here on Rothschild Blvd. there was a place called Tahrir Square. A success in the Arab world would’ve had a direct effect here.

Ehud Ein-Gil: My Political Journey to Matzpen ‒ Interviewed by Eran Torbiner

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Hebrew with English subtitles: Childhood in Upper Nazareth (1957‒1962), activity for "holding on to the [occupied] territories" after the June '67 war, gradual disillusionment during the military service on the Suez front in the War of Attrition, arrest during the 1 May 1972 demonstration of the Black Panthers and the Left in Jerusalem, and from there it was already a short road to Matzpen

Following Matzpen – Eran Torbiner

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In 1997 I decided, as a student at Tel Aviv University, to write a seminar on Matzpen. At the end of that year a conference was held to mark 35 years since the organization was formed. I went there to document the conference with a camcorder, and found myself launched into a journey to follow people and ideas that until then I didn't know much about.

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