Ideology without revolution: Jewish women in Israel ‒ Dina Hecht and Nira Yuval-Davis

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The myth of the supposed liberation and equality of Israeli women, while perhaps gratifying a deep-seated need for feminists in search of identity, cajoles most Israeli women into a state of spirited resignation – content with a public image that bears little or no resemblance to their actual situation.

Book review: The Palestinian Arab National Movement ‒ Musa Budeiri

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Yehoshua Porath of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem has written what will undoubtedly become the standard reference work of the history of the Palestinian national movement, and deservedly so: this despite the fact that at times he seems unable to free himself from his political prejudices, and ab­dicates his professed role of detached historian to don the mantle of the partisan adversary.

Reply to Ja’far ‒ Salim Tamari

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Salim Tamari responds to Mohammed Ja'far's article on the PLO and the Palestinian national liberation movement: Only in the occupied territories (and Israel) do Palestinians have a 'proper' (though dislocated) and differentiated class structure. But there all forms of class consciousness are being submerged by the realities of national oppression in the daily confrontation with the occupier.

Zionism: Why We Oppose It – Moshé Machover

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Zionism is a false solution to the Jewish problem and is based on a capitulation to antisemitic arguments. It is a project for establishing, maintaining and expanding an exclusivist state in which racist laws, regulations and practices are enforced. It is a colonizing enterprise at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian people. And it is a staunch ally and instrument of imperialist domination in the Middle East.

What is Khamsin?

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Khamsin is a journal by revolutionary socialists of the Middle East. It is also for them, and for socialists in other countries who are interested in that part of the world.

A Minority’s Fate – Ehud Ein-Gil

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The peasants of Sheikh Brak, survivors of the Armenian genocide, suffer in Israel a similar fate to that of the Palestinian Arabs. (An English translation of a report that was published in Matzpen no. 84, April 1978).

Liban-Palestine : fin d’une étape

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Nous présentons ici deux analyses de la guerre du Liban. Les points de départ de nos amis Lafif Lakhdar et Yasser Ali sont radicalement différents, pour ce qui est l’essentiel, à notre avis, à savoir : quelle devait être pendant la guerre, et doit être aujourd’hui, l’attitude à adopter par la gauche révolutionnaire.

De la guerre libanaise à la réconciliation arabo-israélienne — interview de Lafif Lakhdar

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La tâche d'une publication révolutionnaire est de dévoiler la nature réelle et les intentions secrètes des protagonistes de cette guerre, de dire aux ouvriers que cette guerre n'est pas la leur, que les directions palestino-progressistes n'ont rien de révolutionnaire, comme une propagande droitière où se mêlent la peur et la dramatisation veut le faire croire.

Dossier : Les bourgeoisies arabes ; Introduction par Moshé Machover

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La vraie question est si ce développement est susceptible d'être — qualitativement et quantitativement — d'une ampleur telle qu'il transforme le monde arabe d'un domaine néocolonial étroitement subordonné au système capitaliste mondial et aux forces dominantes, en une puissance capitaliste autonome tout comme, disons, le Japon ou la France.

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