Pictures from various public events where Matzpen members participated

Photos appeared in Eran Torbiner's film about Matzpen

Members of Matzpen in an international demonstration against the Syrian invasion of Lebanon, Nicosia, June 11, 1976.

חברי “מצפן” בהפגנה בינלאומית נגד הפלישה הסורית ללבנון: ניקוסיה, 11 ביוני 1976
أعضاء متسبين في مظاهرة دولية ضد الغزو السوري للبنان ، نيقوسيا في ١١ حزيران ١٩٧٦

Against Racism in South Africa – Matzpen members in a demonstration protesting the massacre in Soweto, London, June 27, 1976

A demonstration against the racist commissioner of the Northern District, Israel Kenig – Tel Aviv, September 1976.

The Kafr Kassem massacre’s twentieth anniversary, Oct. 29, 1976.

יום הזיכרון העשרים לטבח כפר קאסם, 29 באוקטובר 1976

إحياء الذكرى السنوي العشرين لمجزرة كفر قاسم , ٢٩ تشرين أول ١٩٧٦

A Matzpen picket against the wave of settlements on both sides of the "Green Line", in front of the Settlement Department of the Jewish Agency, Tel Aviv, September 18, 1977

Matzpen’s block in the May 1st demonstration, Tel Aviv 1979

In October 1979, members and supporters of Matzpen demonstrated in Jerusalem, protesting the establishment of the extremist Zionist party “Resurrection”.

And in early 1980, a demonstration of the “27 Group” ‒ 27 young people refusing to serve in the Occupied Territories.

A Matzpen picket in front of the Labour Party’s center in Tel Aviv, protesting against the legislation prohibiting any expression of support to the PLO, August 1980

Matzpen members demonstrating in solidarity with the Polish workers, in front of the Israeli CP offices in Tel Aviv, August 25, 1980

Matzpen's demonstration in front of the Labour party's building in Tel Aviv, protesting the settlement in Hebron, April 12, 1981

Protesting the arrest of Adv. Abu Sha'aban, in front of defence minister Yitzhak Rabin's house in Tel Aviv, March 1988 (Photos: Ehud Ein-Gil)