documents (3) : Communiqué d’I.S.R.A.C. (Comité d’Action révolutionnaire israélien à l’étranger)

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Les groupes d'I.S.RA.C. en Europe se sont réunis à Londres entre le 14 et le 16 décembre 1974. Les débats portaient sur deux sujets : la situation politique et la stratégie révolutionnaire dans le Mashrek ; l'attitude à adopter envers le projet de création d'un État palestinien en Cisjordanie et à Gaza.

A Palestinian Strategy for Peaceful Coexistence ‒ by Said Hammami (the PLO’s Representative in London)

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If a Palestinian state were established on a part of the Palestinian homeland and if the Palestinian leadership then decided to pursue an evolutionary strategy towards its ultimate goal of ‘a state in partnership’, we would aim to open and maintain a continuous and developing dialogue with any elements within Israel who were prepared to meet and talk with Palestinians regarding the form of a mutually acceptable co-existence which might in time be developed between the two peoples living in the country to which they both lay claim.

One more battle – the same war

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A declaration written on the second day of the October 1973 war: Political and moral responsibility for this war and the blood shed in it falls squarely on the government of Israel. Therefore we – Jewish and Arab internationalists – support all those who choose not to take part in this war.

Rapport du FPDLP sur le massacre de septembre

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L’offensive de septembre a confirmé la justesse des analyses critiques du FPDLP en ce qui concerne la situation intérieure de la résistance (politiquement et idéologiquement). La résistance a payé très cher l’absence de toute théorie dans sa pratique politique et militaire en Jordanie et dans le reste des pays arabes, ainsi que dans ses relations avec le mouvement de libération, les pays et les forces socialistes.

News from the Fatherland

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PM Meir's letter questioned; Arab students in the Hebrew University protest the expulsion of the student Muhamad Sadiq and the arrest of Darwish Qashu'a; By-products of a "liberal" occupation; Israeli Censorship bid to liquidate Matzpen.

News from the Colonies

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"Whilst polls in West Jerusalem were nearly empty, the one on the border of East Jerusalem was crowded with hundreds of Arabs pushing, shoving and begging to vote. Buses packed with Arabs, decorated with the slogan 'We want Teddy Kolleck' were flocking in continuously".

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