German-Israeli Reactionary Alliance

2022-08-29T15:46:34+03:00April 15, 1969|Categories: Documents, ISRACA|

The Jerusalem Post reported: The ceremony took place in a slightly charged atmosphere generated by a rather bedraggled demonstration of 22 young persons, including seven German students and members of Matzpen, Israel's Guevaraist group.

Solidarity with the Palestinian Arab People

2018-10-27T14:44:47+03:00May 12, 1968|Categories: Documents|

We declare our support of the rights of the Palestinian Arab people, including the right to self-determination and the right to resist occupation by every means that are considered legitimate in any case of occupation.

Joint Israeli-Arab Statement on the Middle East Crisis ‒ by The Israeli Socialist Organization and The Palestinian Democratic Front (June 3, 1967)

2018-09-30T23:32:27+03:00June 3, 1967|Categories: Documents|

The Palestine problem has two fundamental political aspects: that of re-establishing the rights of the Palestinian Arabs; and that of integrating the Israelis into the political structure of the Middle East. These hard political issues have for years been submerged by nationalism. The Arab nationalist leaders pretend to have a solution to the first aspect; they do not even claim one for the second.

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