A Bas L’Occupation

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Dans les conditions actuelles, on ne peut pas envisager d’agir dans ce but à moins que nous ne luttions de façon acharnée contre la continuation de l'occupation des territoires arabes par Israël. Seul cette lutte permettra la mobilisation des masses juives et arabes pour le socialisme.

Lettres à d’autres Journaux

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Le problème des réfugiés arabes ; Comme la Rhodésie ? ; Manifestations de femmes dans les territoires occupés ; « On n'a pas seulement pendus des juifs en Irak » ; Il ne faut pas se retirer du Sinaï ; Démocratie en Israël ? ; Exécutions à Bagdad ; Quelques suggestions pour disperser les manifestations de femmes au gaz lacrymogène.

ISRAC 1 – Editorial

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The historically complex conflict in the Middle East is not a clash between Jews and Arabs as such, as the nationalists claim, but a clash between Zionist colonization, which is, and always has been, an ally of imperialism, and the indigenous population of Palestine.

News from the Fatherland

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Valley Residents are Demanding Border Move; Appeal to Students to Counteract Anti-Israeli Influence; Policemen dragged members of Matzpen from Sokolov House; Exercise in Democracy; Police Will Recruit Students for Temporary Police Duties

News from the Colonies

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Demonstrations in Gaza; Hundreds in Nablus Demonstrations; The Lands of Latrun; Occupation Benefits the Rich; The Nablus Schools Closed after Riots; Schools Closed in Ramallah

German-Israeli Reactionary Alliance

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The Jerusalem Post reported: The ceremony took place in a slightly charged atmosphere generated by a rather bedraggled demonstration of 22 young persons, including seven German students and members of Matzpen, Israel's Guevaraist group.

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