News from the Fatherland

2021-11-10T13:24:15+02:00May 15, 1969|Categories: Documents, ISRACA|

Valley Residents are Demanding Border Move; Appeal to Students to Counteract Anti-Israeli Influence; Policemen dragged members of Matzpen from Sokolov House; Exercise in Democracy; Police Will Recruit Students for Temporary Police Duties

News from the Colonies

2021-11-10T13:26:47+02:00May 15, 1969|Categories: Documents, ISRACA|

Demonstrations in Gaza; Hundreds in Nablus Demonstrations; The Lands of Latrun; Occupation Benefits the Rich; The Nablus Schools Closed after Riots; Schools Closed in Ramallah

German-Israeli Reactionary Alliance

2022-08-29T15:46:34+03:00April 15, 1969|Categories: Documents, ISRACA|

The Jerusalem Post reported: The ceremony took place in a slightly charged atmosphere generated by a rather bedraggled demonstration of 22 young persons, including seven German students and members of Matzpen, Israel's Guevaraist group.

Solidarity with the Palestinian Arab People

2018-10-27T14:44:47+03:00May 12, 1968|Categories: Documents|

We declare our support of the rights of the Palestinian Arab people, including the right to self-determination and the right to resist occupation by every means that are considered legitimate in any case of occupation.

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