To Live Together ‒ a Dialogue between Said Hammami and Moshé Machover

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Whatever may be said about Hammami's political views on particular points, there is no denying the non-sectarianism of his attitude to the Israeli Jewish population: he recognizes that they constitute a nationality just as much as the Palestinian Arabs, and that they, too, are entitled to national right in Palestine. To hear a Palestinian spokesman say this was not necessarily congenial to fanatics on both sides.

Peace Now – How?

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A Matzpen leaflet: There can be no peace without equality between the two peoples of this country – the Palestinian-Arab people and the Israeli-Jewish people. Peace without equality is not worthy of the name; it is, at best, a ‘settlement’ based on the present power relations in our region: Palestinian weakness, Israeli might and American hegemony.

Public statement on Sadat’s visit

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published on 19 November 1977 by the Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen), jointly with Harakat Abna' al-Balad (Sons of the Village Movement), The Revolutionary Communist League, and the editorial board of Key. Issued in Umm al-Fahm, Israel.

On the Present Situation in Israel

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a translation of the first part of a statement by the Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen), written in September 1977 following the May 1977 elections which caused for the first time in Israel a change of the ruling coalition: the zionist Labour led coalition was replaced by a zionist-right led coalition.

Saluting the Workers of Egypt!

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At the time of this writing, the Egyptian workers are out in the streets of Cairo and Alexandria. [19 January 1977; Published in Arabic and Hebrew as editorial in issue 80 of Matzpen, 10 February 1977. ]

The Day of the Land – Akiva Orr

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On March 30, 1976, the Palestinian Arabs who have been citizens of Israel since 1948 held a general strike to protest against the most recent expropriations of their lands by the government. The Israeli army and police, in full battle gear attacked a number of Arab villages in Israel: six people were shot dead, 69 were badly wounded, 260 were arrested.

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