[This is a translation of a leaflet that was printed in Hebrew and distributed to Israelis] 

The Palestinian refugees in the Sabra, Shatila and Ain al-Hilweh camps, survivors of the massacre and bombings, have been reduced yet again, for the n-th time, to a state of total destitution and homelessness. Their homes have been demolished methodically and deliberately so as to erase them from the face of the earth. They are hounded not only by the State of Israel but also by the Lebanese government. They are in veritable exile since they were expelled or fled from here in 1948.

Israelis who expressed revulsion at the massacre and bombinbs must not remain indifferent while these refugees are being robbed of their right of return and rehabilitation in their homeland. We call for recognition of this right and for a struggle to implement it. This will be an initial contribution to founding future relations between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples on firm foundations of fraternity and equality.

The Socialist Organisation in Israel – Matzpen

2 November 1982

[To the Hebrew leaflet


Ghada Karmi, Akiva Orr and Haim Hanegbi on the Palestinian Right of Return. From Eran Torbiner’s documentary film “Anti-Zionist Israelis