Peace Now?

Our answer is decisive and unequivocal:


However, anyone who advocates peace now must ask another very brief question:


We cannot go here into a discussion of the history of the Israeli-Arab conflict and the roots of the conflict between Zionism and the Palestinians. We do this in our newspaper and in discussion groups in various places around the country. But briefly, let us just say this:

There can be no peace without equality between the two peoples of this country – the Palestinian-Arab people and the Israeli-Jewish people. Peace without equality is not worthy of the name; it is, at best, a ‘settlement’ based on the present power relations in our region: Palestinian weakness, Israeli might and American hegemony.

Do not fool yourself that such a ‘settlement’ means peace.

Those who want peace must struggle for recognition of the right of the Palestinian Arab people to self-determination. Those who genuinely struggle for peace now must break free from the shackles of to the ‘national consensus’ of either version: both Begin’s and Peres’.
They must struggle –

  • For full, immediate and unconditional Israeli withdrawal from all the occupied territories.
  • Against any Israeli attempt to dictate to the Palestinian masses who will represent them.
  • Against any Israeli attempt to dictate the future of the territories from which Israel will withdraw.

The Socialist Organization in Israel

Tel Aviv, September 1978

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This is a translation of a Matzpen leaflet in Hebrew.