Protesting the settlement in Hebron

2013-07-01T12:38:09+03:00April 12, 1981|Categories: Photos|

Matzpen's demonstration in front of the Labour party's building in Tel Aviv, protesting the settlement in Hebron, April 12, 1981

A Matzpen picket, Tel Aviv, September 18, 1977

2013-07-01T14:02:41+03:00September 18, 1977|Categories: Photos|

A Matzpen picket against the wave of settlements on both sides of the "Green Line", in front of the Settlement Department of the Jewish Agency, Tel Aviv, September 18, 1977.

Against Racism in South Africa

2013-07-02T14:29:03+03:00June 27, 1976|Categories: Photos|

Against Racism in South Africa – Matzpen members in a demonstration protesting the massacre in Soweto, London, June 27, 1976.