We are not impressed by the magic words “defensive war”, irrespective of who fired the first shot. The war being waged today is yet another link in the chain of clashes between the Zionist movement and the Arab peoples. Every such clash between Israel and the Arab countries is a consequence of the Zionist colonization process and its policy of expansionism and aggression.

In each Middle-East war Israel seeks to achieve new advantages and/or defend its existing positions – fruits of previous aggression.

A summing-up of the last six years, since the conquests of the June 1967 war, is a grave indictment of Israel: dispossession and deportation of whole populations; establishment of various settlements in areas expropriated from the previous inhabitants; brutal repression of the occupied population and trampling upon its elementary rights.  In short: denial of the rights and ignoring the existence of the Palestinian Arab people – the main victim of Zionist colonization, dispossession and expansion since the end of the last century.

During the last six years the cruelty of the Israeli war machine has reached new heights. Bombing of civilian plants, schools and refugee camps has become a matter of routine.

Political and moral responsibility for this war and the blood shed in it falls squarely on the government of Israel. Therefore we – Jewish and Arab internationalists – support all those who choose not to take part in this war.

We – members of the undersigned organizations ­– believe that within the framework of the existing regimes in the region there is no solution to the ongoing conflict. The Zionist State of Israel, based on racist oppression, goes from strength to strength, with the support and under the auspices of imperialism, while the counter-revolutionary character of the Arab regimes and the leadership of the Palestinian resistance movement only brings about new disasters.

Whoever aspires to real peace must go through the route of class struggle, the route of common struggle of the Jewish and Arab masses, the route of socialist revolution that will overthrow the power of Zionism, imperialism and the ruling classes in the area. Only such a revolution will ensure the rights of the Palestinian people and the rights of Jewish and Arab masses.

Notwithstanding our meagre forces and numerical weakness, we raise, in the tumult of war, the banner of class struggle, the banner of the socialist revolution – which is the banner of peace.

Our response to the Arab–Israeli conflict is summarized in the old-new watchword:

Workers of all lands, unite!

Revolutionary Communist Alliance (“Maavaq” [Struggle])

Israeli Socialist Organization (“Matzpen”)

October 7, 1973

(This declaration was published in Hebrew in Matzpen no. 70, November 1973)