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Down with the war regimes!

2021-01-12T20:51:12+02:00January 10, 1981|Categories: Articles|

The workers and peasants serving on both sides of the front have no interest in fighting each other. They have no interest in defending the "revolution" that brought their exploiters and oppressors to power.

Eli Lobel

2013-12-29T04:54:06+02:00July 10, 1980|Categories: Articles, Forbidden Agendas, Khamsin 7|Tags: |

Khamsin is bereaved. Eli Lobel, editor and founder of our journal, has died tragically on Thursday, October 4th 1979. The life-story of this outstanding revolutionary socialist and great internationalist is, in more than one way, the story of a whole generation, the tragedies and noble struggles of a whole epoch.

The early history of Lebanese Communism reconsidered ‒ Alexander Flores

2021-10-08T20:12:46+03:00July 10, 1980|Categories: Articles, Khamsin 7|Tags: |

The three men who prepared the meeting that is considered the birth of the Lebanese communist party represented three important components in the formation of the party: Yusuf Yazbek, the romantic Lebanese liberal with a radical socialist streak; Fu'ad Shimali, the worker who had gathered his trade-union experience in Egypt, and Joseph Berger, the Palestinian Jewish communist of Polish origin who provided the relations with the Comintern.

Zionism, demography and women’s work ‒ Avishai Ehrlich

2021-01-31T22:32:07+02:00July 10, 1980|Categories: Articles, Forbidden Agendas, Khamsin 7|Tags: |

The position of women and the nature of the sexual division of labour which exists in Israel cannot be discussed in isolation from the zionist characteristics of the society. The colonialisation process, its requirements, its constraints, its internal contradictions and the political conflicts to which it gave birth are reflected in every aspect of life of Israeli society ‒ including the position of women.

The Communists and European Unification

2019-09-21T21:36:18+03:00September 10, 1979|Categories: Articles|

Matzpen's editorial: Whereas the duty of socialists in the Arab East – as in Europe – is to march in the forefront of the trend for unification, and endeavour to crystallise a common programme for a socialist revolution, the Communist parties are at best dragged in the wake of the current, or worse: try to obstruct it.

Reply to Ja’far ‒ Salim Tamari

2020-06-27T13:13:14+03:00October 10, 1978|Categories: Articles, Khamsin 6|Tags: |

Salim Tamari responds to Mohammed Ja'far's article on the PLO and the Palestinian national liberation movement: Only in the occupied territories (and Israel) do Palestinians have a 'proper' (though dislocated) and differentiated class structure. But there all forms of class consciousness are being submerged by the realities of national oppression in the daily confrontation with the occupier.

Peace Now – How?

2020-02-20T09:41:48+02:00September 29, 1978|Categories: Documents|

A Matzpen leaflet: There can be no peace without equality between the two peoples of this country – the Palestinian-Arab people and the Israeli-Jewish people. Peace without equality is not worthy of the name; it is, at best, a ‘settlement’ based on the present power relations in our region: Palestinian weakness, Israeli might and American hegemony.

Zionism: Why We Oppose It – Moshé Machover

2021-07-17T13:20:29+03:00August 1, 1978|Categories: Articles|Tags: |

Zionism is a false solution to the Jewish problem and is based on a capitulation to antisemitic arguments. It is a project for establishing, maintaining and expanding an exclusivist state in which racist laws, regulations and practices are enforced. It is a colonizing enterprise at the expense of the indigenous Palestinian people. And it is a staunch ally and instrument of imperialist domination in the Middle East.

A Minority’s Fate – Ehud Ein-Gil

2021-05-31T13:38:54+03:00April 10, 1978|Categories: Articles|Tags: |

The peasants of Sheikh Brak, survivors of the Armenian genocide, suffer in Israel a similar fate to that of the Palestinian Arabs. (An English translation of a report that was published in Matzpen no. 84, April 1978).

On the Present Situation in Israel

2020-09-12T11:17:40+03:00September 15, 1977|Categories: Documents|

a translation of the first part of a statement by the Socialist Organization in Israel (Matzpen), written in September 1977 following the May 1977 elections which caused for the first time in Israel a change of the ruling coalition: the zionist Labour led coalition was replaced by a zionist-right led coalition.

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