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An Israeli Opponent of the “Peace Camp” Replies to ‘Ali J ‒ by Israel Shahak

2021-05-31T14:00:41+03:00November 10, 1989|Categories: Articles, Khamsin, Khamsin Bulletin 7, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: |

The policies of the great majority of the Israeli-Jewish society are influenced neither by Palestinian restraint nor by lack of it, but by Palestinian force, by the Palestinians' effectiveness in causing harm to Israel ‒ be it military or financial, through other coun­tries such as the USA.


2021-04-07T11:42:35+03:00February 10, 1989|Categories: Articles, Khamsin 14|

The articles published in this book analyse various aspects of the context in which the (first) Palestinian Intifada has developed.

The political economy of the West Bank 1967-1987: from peripheralization to development – Adel Samara

2021-02-07T11:41:13+02:00February 10, 1989|Categories: Articles, Khamsin 14|Tags: |

The relation between the Israeli economy and the West Bank is a relation between two separate economies: between a developed capitalist mode of production dominant in one, and a controlled peripheral capitalist mode in the other. In this case, the relation is an external and settler-colonial one.

The Middle East – Still at The Crossroads: A Socialist Position on the Palestinian Problem ‒ By Moshé Machover

2018-01-20T13:01:43+02:00January 10, 1989|Categories: Articles, Khamsin, Khamsin Bulletin 5, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: |

The sense in which socialists ought to be “more radical” than liberation nationalists is not in vying with the latter’s nationalism, but in putting forward revolutionary social aims. Liberation nationalists do not propose to overthrow the existing social order; what they want is just to put an end to the oppression of their own nation. Socialists, on the contrary, must seek to promote in every national liberation struggle the aim of overthrowing the existing order of class exploitation.

The Middle East at the Crossroads – by Abu Sa’id and Moshé Machover

2021-05-31T14:04:15+03:00January 10, 1989|Categories: Articles, Documents, Khamsin, Khamsin Bulletin 5, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: , |

This is a re-print of an article that was originally published in September 1969. "The formula that restricts the struggle to Palestine alone, despite its revolutionary appearance, derives from a reformist attitude which seeks partial solutions within the framework of conditions now existing in the region. In fact, partial solutions can only be implemented through a compromise with imperialism and Zionism".

Appeals by West-Bank Trade Unions

2018-01-14T10:59:49+02:00November 10, 1988|Categories: Khamsin Bulletin 4, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: |

The Palestinian working class and its trade-union movement is bearing the brunt of many of the Israeli fascist measures. Eight out of the eleven members of the Executive Committee of the General Federation have been arrested, including the General Secreta­ry, Mahmud Ziadah. More than 50 other members, including members of the Federation's Council, secretaries of branch unions, members of Administrative Committees and active unionists, have also been arrested.

The Israeli Elections: An Introduction to the Manifestoes ‒ by Haim Bresheeth

2021-05-31T14:05:44+03:00November 10, 1988|Categories: Khamsin, Khamsin Bulletin 4, Khamsin Bulletins|Tags: |

A guide for the "offerings" of the different parties contending the Israeli elections for the Knesset, on 2nd November, 1988. This election has been billed as the "most important in Israel's history" by a whole number of pundits, arguing that the resulting government will be the one to face the new challenges, internal and external.

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