Khamsin Bulletin 4 (1988)

Appeals by West-Bank Trade Unions

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The Palestinian working class and its trade-union movement is bearing the brunt of many of the Israeli fascist measures. Eight out of the eleven members of the Executive Committee of the General Federation have been arrested, including the General Secreta­ry, Mahmud Ziadah. More than 50 other members, including members of the Federation's Council, secretaries of branch unions, members of Administrative Committees and active unionists, have also been arrested.

Appeal on behalf of Women Political Prisoners

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This English-language appeal, dated 2 November 1988, was sent to Khamsin by the Women's Organization for Women Political Prisoners, a committee recently set up in Israel, devoted to defending the rights of women political prisoners, both Palestinian and Israeli.

The Israeli Elections: An Introduction to the Manifestoes ‒ by Haim Bresheeth

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A guide for the "offerings" of the different parties contending the Israeli elections for the Knesset, on 2nd November, 1988. This election has been billed as the "most important in Israel's history" by a whole number of pundits, arguing that the resulting government will be the one to face the new challenges, internal and external.

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