Khamsin Bulletin 3 (1988)

Ansar-3 Prisoners’ Call for Closure of “Death Camp”

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We, thousands of Palestinian detainees, have been thrown by the Israeli authorities into Ansar-3 Detention Centre, without regard to the most rudimentary judicial formalities, including our right to know the charges levelled against us. We are kept in difficult circumstances under the burning desert sun, where the temperature by day reaches 45°C and drops to below freezing at night; in an area teaming with reptiles, insects and rats. But the severity of nature is no match for the cruelty of the soldiers of the Detention Centre, with their arbitrariness and constant brutality and violence.

An Appeal by Women’s Co-Operatives

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"Our Production Is Our Pride" is a Palestinian women's development project in the occupied territories of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Its aim is to establish women's co-operatives based on the pro­duction and marketing of Palestinian agricultural products.

Communiques of the Uprising

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Soon after the eruption of the Palestinian uprising (December 1987), a clandestine United National Leadership (UNL) began to lead, plan and direct the struggle. The UNL has published a series of numbered and dated communiques (bayanat), which have had an important role in mobilizing the masses and directing their struggle. We publish here a full translation of recent communiques: nos 16, 18 and 20, and a summary of no 19.

Michel Khleifi’s “Wedding in Galilee” ‒ film review by Dr Nur-eldeen Masalha

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While there is certainly a strong point to be made about the human in each Palestinian and Israeli and the significance of emotions and individ­ual desires and needs, it is nonetheless essential to avoid reducing the real conflict to a confused plethora of feelings and sensations. The Palestinian-Zionist/Israeli conflict remains at heart a real political conflict about land, homeland, political identity and national survival.

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