The articles in this anthology were first published in the journal Khamsin 1976 – 1983.

This collection was first published in 1984 by Al Saqi Books, London


Presentation – by Jon Rothschild

Eli Lobel

1. Israel’s Oriental Subjects

Introduction – by Jon Rothschild

Zionism and Its Oriental Subjects – by Raphael Shapiro

Oriental Jews in Israel: Collective Schizophrenia – by A. Hoder

Class Divisions in Israeli Society – by Emmanuel Farjoun

Oriental Support for Begin: a Critique of Farjoun – by Avishai Ehrlich

Palestinian Workers in Israel: a Reserve Army of Labour – by Emmanuel Farjoun

2. Women

Introduction – by Jon Rothschild

Arab Women – Magida Salman

The Rise of Islam: What Happened to Women? – by Azar Tabari

Women and Politics in Lebanon – by Yolla Polity Sharara

Changes in Palestinian Society – by Ehud Ein-Gil and Aryeh Finkelstein

Ideology Without Revolution: Jewish Women in Israel – by Dina Hecht and Nira Yuval-Davis

Zionism, Demography and Women’s Work – by Avishai Ehrlich

3. Civil War in Lebanon

Introduction – by Jon Rothschild

In the Maelstrom of Confessionalism – by Nada Kadir

The Lebanese Communities and Their Little Wars – by Magida Salman

4. Religion

Introduction – by Jon Rothschild

Why the Reversion to Islamic Archaism? – by Lafif Lakhdar

Religion, Zionism, and Secularism – by Ehud Ein-Gil

Iran: Islam and the Struggle for Socialism – by Muhammad Ja’far and Azar Tabari

Orientalism and Orientalism in Reverse – by Sadiq Jalal ald-‘Azm

5. Dialogue

To Live Together – by Moshe Machover and Said Hammami