A list of Israeli citizens (mainly members of the C.P.), arrested and detained without trial prior to 1969 election.

From Haifa :

  1. MAHMOUD DARWISH – Poet and writer, editor of literary Arab Magazine “Al-Jadeed“.
  2. SAMIH EL-KASSEM – Poet and writer; worker in “Al-Ittihad” newspaper.
  3. SALEM JUBRAN – Poet and writer, Member of the Central Committee (C.C.), Young Communist League (Y.C.L.), and editor of youth magazine “Al-Ghad“.
  4. WAGEEH SEMAN – Secretary, Y.C.L. in Haifa.
  5. AMIN OBEID – Activist of C.P.
  6. AMIN NAKHLEH – Messenger, “Al-Ittihad” newspaper.
  7. ABDUL-LATIF ODEH – Activist of C.P.


From Nazareth:

  1. ZAHI FAID – Full-time worker of the C.P. during election campaign.
  2. HABIB ZREIK – Full-time worker of the C.P. during election campaign.
  3. MOHAMMAD KHASS – Editor, “Al-Ittihad” newspaper.
  4. SALIM MANASRAH – C.P. activist.
  5. ABDUL-SALAM MANASRAH – C.P. activist.
  6. ATTALLAH TANNOUS – C.P. activist.
  7. NA’IM HAMMAD – Member, secretariat Y.C.L. in Nazareth.


From Nazareth District:

  1. AKRAM SAFFOURI – Secretary, C.P. branch, Kufr-Kanna village.
  2. AHMAD SA’ID ABU-NI’AJ – Secretary, Y.C.L. branch, Kufr-Kanna.
  3. MOHAMMD SULIMAN ABDUL-HADI – First candidate in list of C.P. for local council, Iksal village.
  4. IBRAHIM ALI ABDUL-HADI – Third candidate in list of C.P. for local council, Iksal village, and party functionary for election campaign.
  5. SALIM ABDUL-HADI – Activist of C.P., from Iksal village.
  6. AS’AD BADER – Secretary, Y.C.L. branch in Tur’an village.
  7. ABDULLAH SHEIKH – Activist of C.P. from Tur’an village.
  8. MAHMOUD HASSAN MAR’I – Second candidate in list of “Youth” for local council of Al-Mashhad village.
  9. NADER LOUBANI – Secretary, C.P. branch of Yaft-el-Nassra village.
  10. SAMI GHATTAS – Activist of C.P. Yaft-el-Nassra village.
  11. IBRAHIM KHALILIEH – Activist of C.P., Yaft-el-Nassra village.
  12. EDWARD NIMEH – Activist of C.P., Yaft-el-Nassra village.
  13. ABDUL-HADI ZU’BI – Activist of C.P., Soulam village.
  14. LUTFI KHALAF – Activist of C.P., Mukeibleh village.
  15. MOHAMMAD TATOUR – Activist of C.P., Reineh village.
  16. HISHAM AMIN RINAUI – Activist of C.P., Reineh village.
  17. JAD ABU-RAS – Activist of C.P., Elout village.


From Umm el-Fahm village:

  1. MOHAMMAD HASN JABARIN – Candidate C.P. list to local council.


A partial list of Israeli citizens served with military orders restricting their movements to their town or village.

Members of the Central Committee of the Communist Party:

  1. EMILE TOUMA, Haifa – Member, Political Bureau.
  2. SALIM EL-KASSEM, Nazareth – Secretary, C.C.
  3. ZAHI KARKABI, Haifa – Secretary, C.C.
  4. OTHMAN ABU-RAS, Taibeh – Secretary, Triangle District Committee, C.P.
  5. JAMAL MOUSSA, Acre – Member, Executive Committee, Histadrut.
  6. MUN’AM JARJURA, Nazareth – Municipal Council, Nazareth.
  7. ALI ASHOUR, Haifa – Member.
  8. TAWFIQ ZAYYAD, Nazareth – Municipal Council, Nazareth.
  9. GEORGE TOUBI, Haifa.
  10. SAMIRA KHOURY, Nazareth.


Members of the Central Control Commission of the C.P.:

  1. Advocate HANNA NAQQARA, Haifa.
  2. RAMZI KHOURY, Acre – Member, Municipal Council, Acre.
  3. SOUHEIL NASSAR, Nazareth.


Members of the Young Communist League:

  1. GHASSAN HABIB, Nazareth.
  2. NIMER MORCUS, Kufr Yasif.
  3. SALEM JUBRAN, Haifa.
  4. WAGEEH SEMAN, Haifa.
  5. NABIL AWEIDAH, Haifa – functionary of Y.C.L.


Members of the Editorial Board of the Journal “Al-Ittihad“:

  2. MAHMOUD DARWISH, Haifa – poet and writer.
  3. SAMIH EL-KASSEM, Haifa – writer.
  4. YOUSUF SABBAGH, Nazareth.
  5. ISSAM ABBASSI, Haifa – poet.



  1. ABDUL-HAFIZ DARAWSHEH, Nazareth – Member, Municipal Council, Nazareth.
  2. MOHAMMAD EL-HAJ, Kufr Yasif – Member, Municipal Council, Kufr Yasif.
  3. SABRI JERIES, Haifa.
  4. MOHAMMAD ME’ARI, Haifa.
  6. ANIS SHAQOUR, Acre.
  7. KAMEL DAHER, Nazareth.
  8. HASSAN NASSAR, Nazareth.
  9. ALI RAFI’, Haifa.


Members of the Municipal Council of Nazareth:



Members of other Local Councils:

  1. YOUSEF SHEHADEH, Kufr Yasif.
  2. KEMAL GHATTAS, Rameh.
  3. ABDUL-RAHIM A’ZEM, Taibeh.
  5. ASSAD YOUSEF KAN’ANEH, Yaft-el-Nassra.
  7. MOHAMMAD HADDAD, Ramleh – Histadrut Council.
  8. ASSAD MAKI, Tel Aviv-Jaffa – Member, District Committee, C.P.
  9. IBRAHEEM BIADSEH, Baqa El-Gharbiah.
  10. MOHAMMAD SHREIDI, Umm el-Fahm.
  11. MAHMOUD AGBARIEH, Umm el-Fahm.


Note: These persons are amongst over 800 persons whom the army authorities have served with administrative orders – in accordance with Emergency (Defence) Regulations, 1945 – not to leave their towns or villages except by special police permit. Many of them are denied these permits.

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Ghassan Fawzi, a founding member of Abna al-Balad Movement in Umm al-Fahm, commented on  Matzpen’s Facebook page on Dec. 20, 2022:

My name does not appear in the record, although I was also arrested and put under military restrictive orders.
I was already a known first PLO prisoner dec. 1967-1968, and an activist planning the founding of Abna al-Balad Movement. I was arrested at that time. I was working in construction in Rehovot and staying the night in friends’ hut on the roof in Givatayim. The police arrested me after midnight and detained me till the morning in Ramat Gan Police Station, then I was taken to Zikhron Yaaquv detention/police station.
It was also the time of local elections in Umm al-Fahm, and an old friend of Moshe Dayan was a major candidate. I and other detainees were called once to investigation; the candidate was there and the police officer told me that the police will release me at the good-will request of the candidate. Later, the candidate became the head to the local council, voted in by a majority of the elected members.
Ahmad Fayyad, a young worker/intelllectual was also arrested, and others from the villages of Jatt, and Faradis.