(Distributed as a leaflet in Zurich, at the time of the attack on the ‘El Al’ plane, in the airport there.)

The Palestine Arab people appeal to the Swiss people in the name of the leader of their national resistance, William Tell, to understand and forgive what we have done today. We apologize to the Swiss people and government for any loss of Swiss life, injury to Swiss individuals or damage to Swiss property that may have occurred against our wish.

We are sorry for any inconvenience, moral or material, that has been suffered by the Swiss people or government. We have nothing but respect and affection for the Swiss people and the Swiss way of life.

The great Swiss tradition of coexistence between different racial and religious groups is precisely what we want to establish in a de-Zionized Palestine.

The Swiss tradition has always been a source of inspiration to us in our struggle against the Nazi-like racism of the Israeli Zionists. We ALWAYS distinguish between Jews and Zionists. The former we respect. The latter we fight because they have invaded our homeland. Zionism is being used by Israelis to mobilize Jews exactly as Hitler used Nazism to mobilize Germans.

We are particularly sorry that we have violated Swiss neutrality. We have not done this light-heartedly. It is our reply to the Zionist strategy of hitting us at the time and place of their choosing. The Zionists cannot expect us to refrain from adopting the same counter-strategy.

The same rules must apply to BOTH sides. The world cannot applaud the Zionist strategy of hitting us where and when they want and at the same time deny us the right of replying to the Zionists in the only language they understand. Circumstances beyond our control have forced us to violate Swiss neutrality.

For this we apologize once again.

If we are forced to violate international rules in exceptional circumstances and against our will, the Zionists break International Law as a routine matter. They have defied and still defy all resolutions on Palestine by the United Nations. They have broken and still break all the obligations under the Geneva Convention which they cynically signed on your soil.

They have violated and still violate EVERY rule of civilized conduct in occupied-Palestine. Mass expulsions of Arabs, mass killing and torture of Arab school girls and their imprisonment with Israeli prostitutes, are every day practices in occupied Palestine. The world is indifferent to this Zionist conduct but we are not. The participation of a Gaza refugee girl in the operation is the reply of Arab Women to the bestialities of Israeli paratroopers against the women of Gaza.

In spite of all this we took special care in our attack on the El-Al plane to avoid loss of innocent life. The target was the plane itself and its military personnel, the pilots.

El-Al planes are civilian planes only in NAME… They are used for military purposes:

To transport military personnel to and from different parts of the world to Israel.

To transport military volunteers from many countries, especially the U.S., to Israel.

To transport Israel military missions going abroad.

But most important of all, El-Al planes are used extensively for the transport of troops from one part of the country to another during miliary operations.

If the El-Al pilots don’t want us to attack them they must first persuade their government to stop using El Al planes for military purposes.

We, the Arabs of Palestine, are a small people – now only two million. We are fighting a guerilla war, with little or no assistance from anybody, against the combined forces of world Zionism and its world allies. No people, not even the Swiss people, have ever faced such great odds. But we are going to fight our Liberation war and we are going to win it as you won yours.

[The attack took place on February 18, 1969]

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