• Twelve inhabitants of Rafah, in the Gaza strip, all men, were killed yesterday by an Israeli Army unit, when a group of about 150 people fell upon the United Nations Relief and Welfare Agency and tried to loot them (Haaretz, 2.7.67.)
  • A sergeant, a platoon commander in the border guards and a private of the border guards were detained two days ago by the police as suspects for the murder of two Arabs from Ramallah and Shuafat who were employed by the Israeli Public Works Authority (Haaretz, 12.10.67).
  • A considerable number of inhabitants of Rafah, including refugees, who were seeking employment, collected in the local Labour Exchange. Some of the people in the queue began to create a disturbance and to use abusive language. The soldiers on guard opened fire. One of the people who had created the disturbance was hit and severely wounded. He died later in hospital. (Haaretz, 31.12.67.)
  • A young Arab was killed and another severely wounded when an Army unit on the Ramallah–Jericho road opened fire on three Arabs who were trying to escape after they had been taken down from a bus because they were not carrying identification cards. The army authorities are investigating the incident. (Haaretz, 31.12.67).
  • A Gaza magistrate Shauqi el-Farah, who had been accused of contacts with el-Fateh, was killed last night when he tried to escape from an Army unit which ordered him to stop and identify himself. The killed magistrate is a member of a well-known Palestinian family and a cousin of Dr. Ahmed al-Farah, the Jordanian Representative in the U.N. (Haaretz, 17.9.68).
  • In reply to a question in Parliament by Mr. M. Vilner, concerning the shooting of school girls who demonstrated in the Gaza strip, the Minister of Defence admitted that five girls had been wounded. One of these girls had to have her leg amputated” (Zo Haderech, 13.11.68).
  • Three inhabitants were killed and four others severely wounded in Gaza by an Army unit. The incident occurred on Friday 29.11.68, at 6.15 p.m. after dark. According to the official communique a bomb was thrown onto an army lorry near the town center. An army unit on the spot immediately opened fire indiscriminately in the direction from which it was assumed the bomb was thrown. Seven people were hurt (Zo Haderech, 4.12,68).
  • A woman was killed, another woman seriously injured, and eight school girls slightly injured by bullets shot by an Israeli soldier yesterday morning when Arab women tried to break into an enclosure in Rafah where men were detained for the purpose of identification in connection with acts of sabotage in the Gaza strip (Haaretz, 21.1.69).
  • Two Arabs were killed and three injured in Hebron when an army unit shot a young man who was trying to escape. The young man refused to stop and started to run away. After failing to stop at warning shots, he was shot dead. Four passers-by, three men and one woman, were wounded. The woman later died, (Maariv, 1.1.69).

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