Protest outside the Israeli embassy in London, March 10, 1972


Statement by the
Israeli Revolutionary Action Committee Abroad

Hundreds of Palestinian Arabs are held in prison camps in Israel. Their ‘crime’: resistance to occupation and oppression.

Tens of Israeli Black Panthers are thrown into jail every now and then. Their ‘crime’: protest against economic misery and cultural repression which the Zionist establishment inflicts upon them.

Israeli draft resisters and conscientious objectors suffer not only from police brutality but also from judicial violence.

Three recent cases:

  • Giyora Neumann. 19 years old. imprisoned for draft resistance.
    (” I refuse to serve in an occupation army”).
    Present address: Military Prison No.6. Zahal mail 2648.
  • Irith Yacobi. A girl, 19 years old. Imprisoned on Feb. 4th in army prison No. 400 (Zahal mail 2447) for draft resistance.
    (“I refuse to inflict upon the Palestinians what others have inflicted upon the Jews”).
  • Eitan Grosfeld. A boy of 16. Brutally assaulted by the Jerusalem police on Feb. 10th while demonstrating with the Black Panthers outside the Zionist Congress. Sentenced to “psychological observation” in Israel’s worst Borstal (address: “Mitzpeh-Yam”, Nof-Yam, Israel).

All these prisoners are POLITICAL prisoners.

We are holding a 24 hour protest demo (starting on 1 p.m., March 10th) outside the Israeli Embassy (next to the Antique Hypermarket, High St. Kensington tube).

Send delegations of support.

Give maximum publicity to this statement. Send letters of support to the above addresses in Israel.


London, February 20th, 1972