[The Majority of the articles published in this pamphlet were re-published – with minor updates and editing – four years later in the book The Other Israel]


Interpretation of the Israeli-Arab conflict by Israelis can be divided into two categories:

  1. The official version (i.e the Zionist one), accepted by the majority of the population, politicians, educators, intellectuals, writers, journalists. This version interprets Israeli history, like the Jewish history, in terms “struggle for (Jewish) survival”.
  2. The version appearing in the following articles, accepted by a minority of Israelis. It interprets Israeli history, as well as Jewish history, in terms of political, economic, social and ideological factors.

The first version, based on the assumption that minority persecution is inherent in “human nature”, accepts anti-Semitism as a permanent fact of life. Insists on preserving “Jewishness”. It is nationalist.

The second version is based on the assumption that man makes his own history, including the interpretation of it, as well as his “—ishness”. It considers Zionism and “Jewishness” as alienations. It is internationalist.

This publication aims to untie the emotional knot which has been tied into a political conflict, by providing a critical analysis of its history.

The Israeli Socialist Organization was formed in Israel in 1962. The membership consists of Jews and Arabs.

It publishes a monthly (Matzpen = compass) in Hebrew, and occasional publications in Arabic. It aims at socialist revolution in Palestine and throughout the Middle East, and is openly anti-Zionist.

Although individual members’ articles reflect the spirit of the I.S.O., the organization is responsible only for its signed statements.


The Palestine Problem (history) – Theses submitted for discussion to the Israeli Socialist Organisation (I.S.O), August 1966

Zionism and Antisemitism (critique)

Israel and Imperialisn (analysis) – by N. Israeli

The Palestine Problem and the Israeli-Arab Dispute – I.S.O statement, 3.5.1967

Some Remarks concerning the Left in Israel

Joint Israeli-Arab Statement on the Middle East Crisis – by The I.S.O. and The Palestinian Democratic Front (P.D.F.), 3.6.1967

A [second] Joint Arab-Israeli Statement – I.S.O.-P.D.F., July 1967

Declaration by The Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen), 22nd March, 1968

Joint Resolution: Solidarity with the Palestinian Arab People, May 12th, 1968