• Above: Map of users of the Hebrew, Arabic and English sites by country of origin (144 countries).
  • Below: Detailed data of the leading 40 countries: 


  • Other Arab countries: Kuwait (43rd place) 34 users; Bahrain (48th) 23 users; Libya (63rd) 12 users; Western Sahara (77th) 5 users.

The 10 most visited pages in English

The most read page in Matzpen’s site during 2020 was a 1975 statement in Arabic by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman and the Arabian Gulf, titled “The Glorious Omani Revolution Enters its Second Decade” (699 readers).

The 10 most visited pages in English:

  1. The Jewish religion and its attitude to non-Jews by Israel Shahak (409 readers).
  2. Orientalism and Orientalism in Reverse by Sadik Jalal al-‘Azm (328 readers).
  3. Matzpen – Anti Zionist Israelis, Eran Torbiner’s film (293 viewers).
  4. Michel Khleifi’s “Wedding in Galilee”, film review by Dr Nur-eldeen Masalha (255 readers).
  5. The Other Israel – The Radical Case against Zionism, a book edited by Arie Bober (222 readers).
  6. Anti-Ulpan, a Matzpen booklet (183 readers).
  7. Recent studies on the history of the Palestine Communist Party, by Alexander Flores (177 readers).
  8. Why Israel is a Racist State, by Moshe Machover (136 readers).
  9. A Minority’s Fate (an Armenian village in Israel), by Ehud Ein-Gil (96 readers).
  10. Zionism and Opposition to it within Israel, Podcast interviews by Working Class History (96 listeners).