August 1990

Jordan’s Road to “Democracy” ‒ by Akram Kand and Jayne Peters

August 10, 1990

With the worsening economic situation in Jordan, the population is being and will be pushed into one of two camps: Islamic fundamentalism or socialism. So far, Islamic fundamentalism is the more popular of the two. Such is the traditional stronghold of Islam in Jordan, that without even questioning the viability of this solution, people blindly accept the so-called Word of Islam.

For a Democratic, Secular State of Palestine; a Reply to Moshe Machover ‒ by Tony Greenstein

August 10, 1990

The fact that Zionism continues to posit the Hebrew speaking Jewish people of Israel as part of a world Jewish nation testifies to the unique nature of both the Zionist project and the essentially artificial nature of Israeli nationhood. Politically and economically the basis of Israeli nationalism is the sponsorship by imperialism and the consequent attempts by Israel to dominate and subjugate the Palestinian people within and the Arab peoples without. This is the material basis of Israeli Jewish nationalism.

Israel and the Freedom of Migration

August 10, 1990

During all those years when Israel demanded of the Soviet Union to allow Jews to emigrate from there to Israel, all Israeli governments consistently denied the right of the Palestinian refugees to return to their homeland.