August 1987

Israel as a Western Watchdog in the Middle East ‒ By Shlomo Fraenkel

August 10, 1987

Fidel Castro has been much wiser than Israel’s leaders and knew how to demand from his Soviet employers a wage fairer than that demanded by the Israeli leadership from its American employers.

The Economics of Occupation ‒ by ‘Adel Samara

August 10, 1987

A critical-analytic review of “The Civil Administration, Judea and Samaria, Annual Report, 18th year of Administration, 1984”.

“Cruel Zionism” in Action ‒ Book Review by Moshe Machover

August 10, 1987

This excellent book recounts and documents a significant piece of Middle Eastern history; and it does so in a humane way, full of empathy for the Iraqi Jews who, like Abbas Shiblak himself ‒ a Palestinian refugee from Haifa ‒ were victims of Zionism.