December 1984


December 10, 1984

A group of leftist Turkish intellectuals and activists agreed to impart to us in Khamsin some of their knowledge concerning their country. At our request, they later agreed to put together this special issue of Khamsin, wholly devoted to Turkey.

The Women’s Question & Difficulties of Feminism in Turkey ‒ Pembenaz Yorgun

December 10, 1984

This article examined the extent and nature of women’s oppression in Turkey, the attempts of secular-nationalist movements to improve women’s conditions and outlining the possible shape of a future feminist movement in the country.

The Turkish Working Class and Socialist Movement in Perspective ‒ Mehmet Salâh

December 10, 1984

Historical survey of the Turkish left and workers’ movement, focusing particularly on the 1960s-70s and the slide into guerrilla warfare, looking both at the strengths and fatal weaknesses of the two interconnected movements.