The Communists and European Unification

September 10, 1979

Matzpen’s editorial: Wwereas the duty of socialists in the Arab East – as in Europe – is to march in the forefront of the trend for unification, and endeavour to crystallise a common programme for a socialist revolution, the Communist parties are at best dragged in the wake of the current, or worse: try to obstruct it.

May 1st demonstration, Tel Aviv 1979

May 1, 1979

Matzpen’s block in the 1st May demonstration, Tel Aviv 1979

Following the Israeli-Egyptian Treaty: Against the Autonomy! — Moshe Machover

March 29, 1979

The autonomy is in reality exactly what it looks like on paper — an alibi and cover not for the creation of a Palestinian state but for more or less rapid colonization and annexation to Israel of the West Bank and Gaza Strip.