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documents (3) : Communiqué d’I.S.R.A.C. (Comité d’Action révolutionnaire israélien à l’étranger)

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Les groupes d'I.S.RA.C. en Europe se sont réunis à Londres entre le 14 et le 16 décembre 1974. Les débats portaient sur deux sujets : la situation politique et la stratégie révolutionnaire dans le Mashrek ; l'attitude à adopter envers le projet de création d'un État palestinien en Cisjordanie et à Gaza.

A Palestinian Strategy for Peaceful Coexistence ‒ by Said Hammami (the PLO’s Representative in London)

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If a Palestinian state were established on a part of the Palestinian homeland and if the Palestinian leadership then decided to pursue an evolutionary strategy towards its ultimate goal of ‘a state in partnership’, we would aim to open and maintain a continuous and developing dialogue with any elements within Israel who were prepared to meet and talk with Palestinians regarding the form of a mutually acceptable co-existence which might in time be developed between the two peoples living in the country to which they both lay claim.

Comerade Jabra Nicola (1912-1974) – by Moshe Machover

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He had exactly what we lacked — a coherent conception of the Zionist colonization process, and in particular the way it affected the Arab society in Palestine. From him we got a much better and deeper understanding of Israel as an embodiment of Zionist colonization. Also, he had a conception of the Arab revolution as one and indivisible process. Matzpen’s positions on all these matters were adopted essentially under his influence.