The chance (הסיכוי)

From the Zionist archives:

Joseph Weitz Diary

The following is a translation from an article, published on 29.9.1967 in the Israeli Labour Party daily Davar. The author is Joseph Weitz, who for many years was head of the Jewish Agency’s Colonization Department (the body in charge of the actual organization of Zionist settlement in Palestine). In discussing the possibility of colonizing the newly-occupied territories, the author quotes the following passage, an entry made in his diary in 1940:

“Between ourselves it must be clear that there is no room for both peoples together in this country… We shall not achieve our goal of being an independent people with the Arabs in this small country. The only solution is Palestine, at least Western Palestine [Palestine west of the Jordan river] without Arabs… And there is no other way but to transfer the Arabs from here to the neighbouring countries; to transfer all of them, not one village, not one tribe should be left. And the transfer should be directed to Iraq, Syria and even Trans-Jordan. Money, a lot of money, will be found for this purpose. And only after this transfer will the country be able to absorb millions of our brethren. There is no other way out.”

Commenting on what he had written in his diary 27 years earlier, the author goes on to say:

“From that point of view, the ‘transfer’ solution was discussed at the time and it was supported by B. Katznelson, J. Vulkani and M. Ussishkin [Berl Katznelson was Ben Gurion’s predecessor as leader of the most important Zionist political party, and thus the chief Zionist leader in Palestine; the other two persons mentioned were also very prominent Zionist leaders – Trans.] and some preliminary preparations were made in order to put this theory into practice. Years later, when the UN passed a resolution to partition Palestine into two states, the War of Independence broke out to our great good fortune; and in this war a twofold miracle happened: a territorial victory and the flight of the Arabs. In the Six Days’ War one great miracle happened: a tremendous territorial victory; but most of the inhabitants of the liberated territories remained ‘stuck’ to their places which may destroy the very foundation of our state.”


World Zionist Organization

Students’ department, Paris, October 14, 1969 – Excerpts from a circular to the newly-created Students’ Department in Paris:

Political information

Opening remarks:

  1. The efforts of the Students’ Department are mainly directed at Jewish students. It is, however, impossible, especially today, to make a clear-cut distinction between information directed towards a Jewish public and information in general. The students’ “Jewish heritage” is an inadequate basis on which to confront the increasingly hostile propaganda on their own. For the first time Arab propaganda is adapting its arguments so as to reach the Jewish public more efficiently.
  2. It is the well-informed, educated and sincere Jewish student who can work more efficiently than others on behalf of Israel.
  3. Though the form and content of information must be adapted to suit students, this does not mean that one has to compromise in order to convince the extremists at any price.
  4. Israel should be presented in all its aspects, and not limited to the Israeli-Arab conflict. The defensive attitude which so often characterizes Israeli propaganda should be dropped.


Over and above daily action in response to events and Arab propaganda, a plan of action must be laid down for the coming academic year and the main issues must be defined at the outset. Those outlined below are in line with the problems facing the students at the moment: they provide answers to the favourite slogans of Arab propaganda, without assuming a defensive attitude.

  1. El-Fateh: movement of national negation.
    This is doubtless a provocative heading, but it also arouses curiosity. Aim: show that El-Fateh is only a new form of Arab “refusal” to recognize Israel and that it is more concerned with destroying this state than with constructing a Palestinian future. Demonstrate how the “de-zionization” of Israel is only a false solution condemned as much by history as by the universal principle of self-determination.
  1. Why has the Arab guerilla failed?
    This theme aims at demystifying the romanticists and the identification of the guerilla struggle with the whole anti-colonialist movement. It must show that the Arab guerilla warfare contains none of the conditions for success as defined by the classics on guerilla warfare, be it Mao, Ho Chi-Minh or even Castro. Neither the terrain, nor the political conditions, nor the ways in which the population has grown, lend themselves to guerilla warfare, which has to depend on the regular forces of the Arab countries in order to achieve a hypothetical victory.
  2. Minorities in Arab countries.
    Demystification of the idyllic presentation of a “Jewish paradise” under Arab domination, a slogan which is aimed to reassure [the Jews] that there can be peaceful co-existence between Arabs and Jews, the latter being assimilated to as religion, but denied rights as a nation. Denouncement of persecution of minorities in Arab countries, examples being the Kurds and South Sudanese, the Jews in Iraq, Syria, Egypt.
  1. Campaign: “Students – visit Israel”.
    Israel is a living reality, present to all who want to see the truth. An attempt in this direction was successfully made at Nanterre last year.


Zionism – or anti-Semitism?

Excerpts from “Origins, ideology, achievements of HaShomer HaTzair“, published by the Hanhaga Rashit (Central leadership) of HaShomer HaTzair (Young Guardian youth movement of the Zionist Left party, Mapam) in Paris, 1949:

“We must admit that our national disease consists in the moral decadence of the Jewish individual as a man; the lack of national consciousness is a logical outcome of this situation”.

“…Consider the young Jew: even though young in age he is already old in spirit – his soul is filled with gloom”.

“…The Jew of the diaspora is a caricature of the normal, natural, man – both physically and mentally. As an individual member of society he is unaware of organization and discipline. He considers himself most intelligent and expects others to bow to him. His distinguishing feature is interminable discussions which become, for him, an end in itself. In overrating himself he underrates others. He is convinced that he is the most perfect being on earth. Our ideal in education is to create a young Jew with well-built muscles, strong will, normal, healthy way of thinking, disciplined. Jewish in heart and soul, initiator of the socialist conception of life, admirer of what is good and beautiful”.



Declaration written by Eli Lobel after the incident at a meeting in Paris (December 9, 1969) where three members of ISRACA were wounded by extremist Zionist thugs.

At the present moment, Zionist strategy in France can be summed up in the slogan: ANTI-ZIONISM equals ANTI-SEMITISM. Having lost the battle on the Zionist front, as it is becoming increasingly clear that the Zionist movement is of a colonial nature and the ally of the most ferocious imperialism, an attempt is being made to discredit its opponents, as anti-semites. Worse still, the long-run target arrived at by this strategy is to persuade the Jewish community that their existence is threatened and that they would do better to emigrate to Israel. Didn’t the managing director of the Ministry of Absorption into Israel, General Uzi Narkiss, recently announce that an increase in emigration by the French Jews was to be expected, the latter no longer feeling themselves to be safe in France, on account of the propaganda of El-Fateh and the leftists?

It is against this background that the acts of the Commando of Jewish extremists have to be seen. Each of the Zionist groups, whether they proclaim themselves on the left or the right, plays its part in the overall strategy. When an official representative of the Union of Jewish Students in France, calling himself “a left-winger”, declares in a public meeting that the people in Matzpen are despicable traitors of their country, this is direct encouragement for the Jewish extremists to turn to action.

After the attack by the fascist-type Zionist commando at Censier, on Tuesday, December 9, 1969, the same National Union of Jewish Students rushed to publish a communiqué – in suspicious haste, barely one hour after the incident, condemning acts which could only “madden people’s minds”. But, as usual, those responsible are in higher positions than the lowly henchmen in exile.

It is the whole Zionist propaganda which is the cause. It is aimed at dividing the forces of the left wherever they exist, and at creating forced situations whereby the Jews become foreigners in the respective countries in which they live.

This is why we must ensure that our answer to actions by fascist-type Zionist commandos is accompanied by an effort at political explanation in depth. Zionism must be denounced daily, all along the line. Whether it be on the right, on the left, or in the centre, Zionism in its form of “punishing Zionism”, directed this time against recalcitrant Jews themselves, is not only an enemy of the Palestinian people, not only a chosen ally of western imperialism, but is also becoming at the present moment an enemy of the Jews and a considerable factor of division of the left wherever it acts.


To the Participants in the International Conference of Jewish Lawyers & Jurists, Israel, August 1969.



Towards a Democratic Solution to the Palestine Problem

[Draft resolution presented by the Democratic Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine to the Palestine National Congress, September 1969.]

The Palestine National Congress, basing itself on the belief of the Palestinian people in a democratic solution to the Palestine problem, resolves the following:

  1. The Palestine National Congress rejects all chauvinist, reactionary and Zionist-imperialist solutions to the Palestine problem based on the recognition of the state of Israel as one of the existing “facts” in the Middle East. These solutions not only negate the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination, but also consecrate the Zionist and expansionist structure of the state of Israel, tied to imperialism and opposed to the Palestinian and Arab national liberation movements and to all the forces of liberation and socialism in the world.
  2. The Palestine National Congress rejects the Palestine and Arab chauvinist solutions prevailing before and after June 1967 calling for “butchering the Jews and throwing them into the sea”. Similarly, it rejects the reactionary solutions calling for recognition of an Israeli state within safe boundaries as stipulated by the UN resolution of November 1967. These solutions, which again negate the right of the Palestine people to self-determination, seek to maintain in the Middle East a racialist, capitalist, and expansionist state serving the interests of imperialism and diametrically opposed to the Palestine and Arab national liberation movements, and to the national liberation movements and the forces of progress and socialism in the world,
  3. The Palestine National Congress will struggle for a popular democratic solution to both the Palestinian and Israeli problems based on: (a) the overthrow of the Zionist structure represented by the state institutions (army, administration and police) and all the Zionist and chauvinist political and trade union institutions; (b) the establishment of a popular democratic Palestinian state where Arabs and Jews enjoy equal rights without discrimination and where all forms of national and class oppression shall be abolished; (c) granting both Arab and Jew the right to develop their own national cultures.
  4. Because of the link of history and common fate that binds Palestine to the Arab nation, the popular democratic state of Palestine will become an integral part of a unified Arab state – democratic in context and opposed to colonialism, imperialism, Zionism and to both Palestinian and Arab reaction.
  5. Only such a democratic solution is capable of freeing both Jews and Arabs from all forms of chauvinistic and racialist ideology – the Arab will be liberated from reactionary ideology and the Jew from Zionist ideology.
  6. This democratic solution, opposed to national and class oppression, is also capable of liberating Palestine from imperialism and of transforming it into a revolutionary progressive stronghold which will join the world-wide struggle against imperialism and counter revolution.
  7. The national liberation movement can only establish this popular democratic Palestinian state by means of armed struggle and of a popular liberation war directed against Zionism, imperialism and reaction; by the overthrow of the Israeli state and the liberation of Jews from Zionism (…).

The Sixth Palestine National Congress, after having adopted this democratic solution, calls upon all anti-Zionist Jews and Israelis to rally around this solution and to engage in the common Palestinian armed and mass struggle for its implementation.

The Sixth Palestinian National Congress calls upon all forces of national liberation and socialism all over the world to adopt this democratic solution and to engage in the struggle on the side of the Palestinian people for its implementation, i.e., for achieving the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination.

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