Press Release against the Arrest of Nabil Sa’ad

October 11, 1969

Nabil Saad, a member of the Israeli Socialist Organisation, was arrested on Wednesday, October 8th, by the Jerusalem Police. After 48 hours he was brought before a judge of peace in Jerusalem, who issued against him an order of arrest for another 10 days.

They All Promise Peace

October 10, 1969

October ISO Statement on 1969 General Elections

The Middle East at the Crossroads

September 10, 1969

A Position Paper on the Palestinian Movement adopted by the ISO

Liars ‒ Moshe Machover

August 10, 1969

Especially hysterical is the incitement and haranguing issued by those Israeli journalists who are in the habit of wrapping themselves in a cloak of “decency” and even “progressiveness”, and who like to pretend that they are not quite happy about the Israeli establishment: Uri Avnery, Amos Kenan and Boaz Evron.

To the participants of the International Conference of Jewish Lawyers and Jurists

August 10, 1969

Not only against the Soviet bureaucracy; Not only against the reactionary rulers of Iraq; Also against Israeli occupation and oppression!

Zionism and the Palestinians ‒ Akiva Orr

May 20, 1969

When Zionists talk of “the threat of annihilation”, they do not mean “physical extermination” but mainly the denial of special rights to Jews in Palestine. Zionists will only accept the principle of “one person ‒ one vote” as long as Jews are in the majority.


January 2, 1969

A “Matzpen” Booklet, 1969 (English, Français, Español)

Down with the Occupation

January 1, 1969

Statement of the Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen)