The following resolution was adopted at a meeting which took place in Tel-Aviv on May 12th, 1968, between representatives of the Israeli Socialist Organization (MATZPEN), a group of Israeli students and a youth group from Tel Aviv.

The secretariat of the Tri-continental Congress1 has declared the 15th of May an International day of Solidarity with the Palestinian Arab people.

We, Jewish and Arab people of the Israeli Left, join this solidarity. We give expression to the forces inside Israel which radically oppose the Israeli government, and in particular its chauvinist Zionist policy against the Arabs and its alignment with American imperialism.

The Palestinian Arab people was from the beginning of Zionist colonization (carried out under the guardianship of imperialism) the main victim of that process.

During the 1948 war, and as a result of collusion between Ben-Gurion and Abdallah, the territory alloted for an Arab Palestinian State by the 27/11/47 UN resolution was divided between Israel and Jordan. During that war and in the period which immediately followed it, the majority of the Palestinian Arabs became dispossessed refugees; another part of that people has since lived as an oppressed minority inside Israel.

During all these years the Israeli government refused to recognize the rights of the Palestinian Arab people and in particular the right of the refugees to be repatriated.

As a consequence of the 1967 June war the whole of that people has become a conquered people. The occupation denies them the most elementary political rights. Moreover, they are even denied all future prospects: the plans of the Israeli ruling circles vary between open and complete annexation and the establishment of an Arab ghetto state, a Bantustan, in part of the occupied territory with the rest annexed to Israel.

We declare that we are opposed to these policies, which are detrimental not only to the Palestinian Arabs, but also, in the long run, to the Israeli people itself. We declare our support of the rights of the Palestinian Arab people, including the right to self-determination and the right to resist occupation by every means that are considered legitimate in any case of occupation.

The struggle against Zionism, and against the Israeli policies of partnership with imperialism, must not be confused with a chauvinist struggle against the Israeli people itself and with an attempt to penalise the Israeli masses for the sins of Zionism, or with a denial of the right of the Israeli nation to self-determination. If the struggle of the Arab people is guarded from such falsification, it can grow into a joint Arab-Jewish struggle against imperialism, for socialism and the interests common to both peoples.





  1.  A gathering of countries that focused on anti-colonial and anti-imperial issues, specifically those related to Africa, Asia, and Latin America. The conference was held in January 1966, in Havana, Cuba and was attended by roughly 500 delegates from 82 different countries. It founded the Organization of Solidarity with the People of Asia, Africa and Latin America.