The following prescient declaration, signed by twelve people, most of them members or supporters of Matzpen, was published as an ad in the Israeli daily Haaretz on the 22nd September 1967. An English translation below –


Our right to defend ourselves from extermination does not give us the right to oppress others

Occupation entails Foreign Rule
Foreign Rule entails Resistance
Resistance entails Repression
Repression entails Terror and Counter-Terror

The victims of terror are mostly innocent people

Holding on to the occupied territories will turn us into a nation of murderers and murder victims

Let us get out of the occupied territories immediately


Signatories: Shimon Tzabar, David Eherenfeld, Dan Omer, Raif Elias, Haim Hanegbi, Uri Lipshitz, Dr. Moshé Machover, Eli Aminov, Rafi Zikhroni, Arie Bober, Shneur Sherman, Yehuda Rosenstrauch


[An article “Matzpen and the story of two ads” by Noam Sheizaf was published in 2013]


Haim Hanegbi interviewed by Eran Turbiner in Amman, January 2001, about the famous ad against the occupation that he, Shimon Zabar and David Ehrenfeld initiated, wrote, signed and published in Haaretz newspaper in September 1967.